July 16, 2024

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The X-Files “Dreamland Part 2”

Can Mulder get his body back?

So, Mulder swapped bodies with Chuck McGill if Chuck McGill was more like his kid brother Jimmy at his most Slippin’ Jimmy stage.  Yeah, I think I might be loving this two-parter.

The Case:  Still Body-Swapping!

The Rest:  There’s a lot to this episode, and most of it was just rather delightfully funny.  Mulder has to deal with Morris’s angry wife, a woman who is sure her husband is having an affair with Scully, and even when Mulder levels with her, she won’t believe it because why should she?  Fletcher decides to try and seduce Scully at Mulder’s place, even buying a waterbed, and it even looks like it’s working until Scully slaps the cuffs on him and pulls her gun because, once again, the show is reminding the audience that Scully is not an idiot.

From there, it’s basically one gem after another.  Fletcher, against his better judgement, is forced to go to Mulder’s source and get the evidence Mulder was looking for.  Turns out to be the officer in charge of Area 51, and he figures out there’s a body swap when he sees Mulder and Fletcher together.  Even better, when Mulder finally does talk to the guy, it turns out he doesn’t really know anything and was hoping Mulder could tell him if there were aliens.  His people just test fly the stuff sent to them from other places.

Fletcher, with Scully, goes to see the Lone Gunmen for help, but it turns out Fletcher had been feeding them stories for years for his own amusement and he nearly got into a fistfight with Frohike over the fact he’s an outright asshole.

If anything, Fletcher looks like he’s enjoying the possibility of being Mulder too much, but even he changes his mind when he sees how upset his wife is, even after pointing out to Scully how miserable his marriage and family are.

That actually leads to the sweet scene from the episode where Fletcher convinces Joanne that he really did get a body swap.

Oh, and there’s a horrifying scene where two young lovers merge into one person.  That was a good make-up effect.

But then it turns out all the weird stuff happening out there is mostly temporary, and there’s a literal reset button that fixes everything.  Except for a weird pair of merged coins Scully finds and the fact Mulder doesn’t even recognize his own apartment.

Will Morris Fletcher be back?  Yeah, probably.

Up next, it’s Christmas time!