July 22, 2024

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Ted Lasso “The Diamond Dogs”

Season One, Episode Eight

So, I get the impression the underlying message to this episode, and possibly this season, is revenge is never a good thing.  Good to know.

So, there’s this idea that the show is playing with that Ted Lasso is not the simple rube he appears to be.  I mean, he’d almost have to be.  Yes, he’s feeling weird about sleeping with Sassy, but he does summon up his support team to help him process these weird feelings.  They eventually call themselves the “Diamond Dogs,” and that group consists of Coach Beard, Nate, and Higgins.  All three seem supportive, though I do recall Ted basically had to go to Higgins alone the last time he needed romantic advice because he was the only guy Ted knew who had a long term relationship going.  Beard and Nate, not so much.

That the four of them later give Roy some good advice for dealing with Keeley in a mature way was a nice touch.  All Ted seems to want to do is help, and it’s infectious.

But then there’s the whole “revenge is a bad idea” thing because Ted heads down to the local pub with Rebecca to meet the other shareholders, and who’s there but Rupert, on the verge of getting the club back because his younger fiancee has a lot of shares right now, and once the wedding goes through, he will own the club again.

Ted challenges him to a game of darts.  There’s a bet involved:  if Rupert wins, he can dictate the starting line-ups for some games.  If Ted wins, Rupert stays out of Rebecca’s owner’s box until he owns the team again.

Rupert has his own darts in a fancy, rich guy case.

Is Ted toast?  Should he have made that bet?

Look, a show like this, of course Ted will reveal he’s actually been playing darts since he was ten.  Of course he will win.  Rupert is a weasel of a guy that on a lesser show might have been punched out by now.  Ted Lasso isn’t that sort of show.

Instead, it’s a show where Ted basically says he knows people make fun of him.  It’s been happening forever.  But he stopped letting it bother him when he realized many of these people didn’t bother to actually get to know him.  They were just reacting.  And if Rupert was interested in doing anything other than make Rebecca feel bad, he might have asked Ted if the American oddball was good at darts.  Because, it turns out, Ted is.  Vengeance doesn’t help if that’s your whole focus.

Not a bad message.  And it seems it gives Higgins (who wasn’t there) enough of a spine to stand up to Rebecca and tell her she’s wrong to tank the team.  Then he quits.  Plus, in a nice turn, it turns out that there’s actually a good reason Rebecca treats Higgins like dirt (he knew Rupert was cheating and didn’t say anything).  Oh, and Keeley also figured out something was up, so that’s two people Rebecca interacts with that know what she’s up, all to get even with Rupert.

Maybe she should listen to Ted’s advice on vengeance being bad.