July 23, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: Knight Terrors: Ravager #1 (July, 2023)

Ravager also has bad dreams.

So, my review of the Joker’s Knight Terrors special ended with my saying that some of the other special issues in that series didn’t do as much for me as the Joker’s considering I was pleasantly surprised by how well the Joker’s nightmare story turned out.

Here’s one that didn’t turn out as well.

Issue:  Knight Terrors: Ravager #1, July 2023

Writer:  Ed Brisson

Artist:  Dexter Soy

The Plot:  Ravager, deep in her own nightmares, thinks the thing to really fear is that monstrous Deathstroke chasing her.

Commentary:  So, here’s where this one went wrong:  it doesn’t really get much into who Ravager is the way the Batman and Joker specials did.  Those two work because they focus exclusively on Batman and Joker’s worst fears.  Batman thought, incorrectly, that he’d beaten his.  Joker was perhaps unaware he even had any.  Granted Batman and the Joker are far more developed characters than Rose “Ravager” Wilson, but the point stands.  What is Rose afraid of?

OK, the obvious answer is her father Deathstroke.  But then there’s something else going on here.  I get that not every one of these special two-parters is going to focus on a hero matching wits with Insomnia, a silly name for a villain that puts everyone to sleep, but they can at least show the hero dealing with their own fears and concerns.  The problem with the Ravager story is there’s another plot going on independent of the whole Insomnia thing.  I think.  It could all still be a dream, but it sure does look like Rose is dealing with some other threat.

Now, this could be connected to whatever ongoing series Rose is taking part in right now.  She recently became a member of Stormwatch after all, a new team that seems to include few if any Wildstorm characters considering that’s where Stormwatch came from.  But I wouldn’t say Ravager was ever my favorite character.  She makes a decent supporting cast member for the right team book, but I could take her or leave her, truth be told.

As such, an issue that doesn’t really dig into her psychology doesn’t really do much for me.  It was a whole lotta “meh,” which honestly, I expect most of these Knight Terrors stories to be.

Grade:  C