July 23, 2024

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Sweet Tooth “How It Started, How It’s Going”

Season Two, Episode Six

If I didn’t know there were two episodes left for this season, I might have guessed this was a season finale.

It isn’t.  But it sure is exciting.

Essentially, this episode is for the most part about the hybrids’ escape from General Abbot and the Last Men from that zoo.  Aimee and the Lords of the Air do some bombing, Abbot shoots back and even downs some planes, the Big Man and Gus get free, Big Man rescues the hybrids by hotwiring a bus, and Aimee and Pigtail manage to get there last, with a glance showing Aimee has forgiven the Big Man for his former role as a hybrid hunter for the Last Men.  From start to finish, this is a pretty exciting episode.

And yes, there are some loose ends.  Bear doesn’t get to play a role and was left behind.  Bobby the Gopher Boy also doesn’t make it to the bus, but he does find one of the downed pilots, and that guy just really wanted a tank, so it looks like Bobby, who knows where the tank is, now has a new friend.  Abbot is still alive, and his brother Johnny is again acting like a decent human being while saying his whole reason for staying is to watch over his big brother.  Plus, the final seconds show the jubilant kids might be in for some sadness since Aimee just started showing symptoms of the Sick.

But beyond that, it’s really an exciting episode that fits well with the overall tone of the series.  Even when characters die violent deaths, it’s generally off-screen, and sometimes people live through things like the pilot Bobby befriended.  Aimee and her mercenaries show some good tactics starting with plastic versions of the blue flowers everyone is afraid of, and  then she stops to set Singh’s lab on fire.  I don’t know if she knew why she was doing that, but it seemed to be because of all the dissected chickens in there.

Regardless, this episode opted for a smaller tragedy as its framing device.  The episode opens pre-Sick with Dr. Singh and not-yet-wife Rani on a trip together where she brings out his small Ganesha statue as a sign that the two will be together forever, and in the present when he goes back because he thinks he may have figured out the cure thanks to Gus’s discarded antler, he returns heartbroken because the lab was burned and becomes even more heartbroken because she left him, leaving the same Ganesha behind so he’ll know she’s done with his desperation.  Rani didn’t care if Singh cures the Sick or not.  She just wanted to get somewhere safe with him.  His work was more important.  Granted, she is infected, so that’s probably one of his driving issues, but she looks to be a bit at peace as she walks away from the burning zoo, a few saddled horses running past her.

Given the general fairy-tale tone of the show, I think it is very possible for the Singhs to work things out, but framing the episode where most of the plot deals with an action-packed escape attempt with the beginning and end of a marriage is the sort of unexpected stuff that Sweet Tooth seems to enjoy doing.