February 29, 2024

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Better Call Saul “Plan And Execution”

Season Six, Episode Seven.

Yeah, I suppose it would all come to this, which was apparently a mid-season cliffhanger.

I’ve been largely noticing that Kim seems to be more the driving force here, and here is where the plan she and Jimmy concocted to knock Howard down and get an early settlement to the Sandpiper case finally comes to pass.  There were a lot of moving parts here.  Howard’s Priviate Investigator was actually working for Jimmy and Kim the whole time.  The photos the pair concocted were laced with a drug to dilate Howard’s eyes.  The photos themselves ruined the case with the arbiter before it could get started.  Howard’s speaking the truth but no one believes him.  And he’s actually absolutely right about what Kim and Jimmy did to him.

Naturally, he comes by their place to find out why, laying out that his life kinda sucks.  He’s prone to depression.  People mock him.  He and his wife are separated.  It’s really not a good time to be Howard, and here comes Jimmy McGill and Kim Wexler to make things worse.  Sure, they think he’ll land on his feet without ever really admitting that he’s right about what they did to him, but it’s about something here, namely that Howard wants to know why.

Specifically, he wants to know why Kim did it.  Jimmy, Howard just figures Jimmy finds it fun and that’s that.

Now, I don’t think Jimmy did it for fun.  That was a side effect.  Jimmy has some deep resentments about the people who kept him down, and I strongly suspect he lashed out the way he did because, with Chuck gone, the only one left for Jimmy to lash out at is Howard.  Howard does often seem a bit insincere, so why not?  Jimmy does what he does because he wants to get back at the people who pushed him down, and Chuck just turned out to be the guy doing it the most.  People like Howard and Chuck never could accept that Jimmy could be more than they thought he was.

But that also means Howard wants to know why Kim did it.  Was Kim upset about past treatment?  Was it something else?  He can’t wrap his head around it unless it was really all because they just like they did it because they like making Howard suffer.

Oh, and then Lalo shows up.  And Howard is soon dead.

Yes, in a wide range of consequences where Mike pulled security off Jimmy and Kim to help set a trap for Lalo on Gus’s behalf means Lalo could just walk into Jimmy and Kim’s place without anyone even hearing the door open, and despite the fact that this man clearly terrifies both Jimmy and Kim, Howard won’t leave and thinks he can talk his way out of trouble with this psychopath whose name Howard never even learned.

Whatever the Wexler-McGill partnership was looking for, it certainly wasn’t Howard dead from a bullet to the head in their living room.  Jimmy seemed to want to back out a couple times while Kim wanted to push it even to the detriment of her own career.  And here we are.  They ruined Howard a little too well…