February 27, 2024

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Sweet Tooth “What It Takes”

Season Two, Episode Five

It’s at this point that I got to see who the real heroes and villains of this series are.  I mean, yeah, I know a lot of that already.  But there’s some stepping up here done by people with spines and others who, well, don’t.

I mean, the series has made it clear that General Abbot is a bad guy.  He and Gus finally meet, and the meeting ends with Gus short one antler.  Abbot relishes in fear, and he has no problem killing hybrid kids.  Working with the idea that he has a cure (turns out he doesn’t, but he doesn’t know that yet), he approaches three other leaders of factions to build a survival group.  Each of these three has something Abbot needs to build his perfect, post-apocalyptic gated community.  He just needs to get the others to prune their groups down a bit with the promise of a cure.

Dr. Singh is not that heroic.  He and Rani (who is increasingly disappointed in her husband) plan to reveal the cure doesn’t really work at the best point during Abbot’s meeting to ruin Abbot.  But Dr. Singh chickens out at the last minute, and before he can say the secret ingredient to the cure is dead hybrids, Abbot cuts him off.

Good thing Gus managed to escape with the other kids, all of whom finally decided to use their animal powers to escape.  Why did it take this long?  Regardless, it turns out the other community leaders aren’t interesting in killing hybrids kids.  And Gus?  He split off from the others to help them escape.

Oh, and Abbot’s kid brother Johnny helped Gus escape again.  So, he’s not evil either.  For now.

Plus, the Big Man, regretting his past actions, tries to get Gus back on foot, but he ends up defending Bobby the Gopher Boy, an action that gets him captured, but he does get back with Gus.

And there’s still Bear, finding a way to get in good with the Last Men without capturing or killing any hybrids.

With the good guys coming together, can it be that things are getting better?

Well, I’d say no, because there is that one warlord that Abbot invited over, one Mrs. Zhang.  She doesn’t have a problem killing hybrids.  She doesn’t have problems killing the other leaders, their communities, and taking their stuff.  That may be a woman after Abbot’s own heart…