December 6, 2023

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Noteworthy Issues: Green Arrow #3 (June, 2023)

Roy and Dinah seek answers, and Ollie might finally be ready to give some.

Would I be reading this Green Arrow series if it wasn’t included with my DC Infinite subscription?  You know what?  I honestly don’t know.  In the meantime, well, I guess I am.

Issue:  Green Arrow #3, June 2023

Writer:  Joshua Williamson

Artist:  Sean Izaakse

The Plot:  Roy and Dinah are looking for Ollie, and that means looking for Amanda Waller.

Commentary:  So, there’s been this undercurrent to this series that Oliver Queen is bouncing around time, space, and even different universes because something about the entire Arrow family being together will lead to the end of everything.  That…is a bit confusing since aside from Black Canary, these guys just shoot arrows.  That’s not exactly a universe-destroying power.

Then again, this issue opens with Ollie and Lian’s awakening in the future and finding Connor Hawke is a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Yes, Connor is also bouncing through time, and the issue does end with some kind of explanation for why, and yes, it even makes a little bit of sense why Dinah and Roy would go looking for Waller.  They need to get through Peacemaker and his female counterpart Peacebreaker to do it, but there’s a reason that actually ties into that recent Suicide Squad series where Waller had tech to travel to different Earths.  It doesn’t explain why Ollie wanted to use it, but it does show Waller isn’t some arbitrary person to go talk to.

Still, it’s kinda weird that Green Arrow is the guy having a new series that opens with a huge cosmic adventure.  Taking Oliver Queen outside of the Justice League and then having him pop up between planets and the like, well, it just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.  The family talk fits the character, but so many DC heroes have these families, many of whom might be better fits for this kind of story, and I am not sure what it is about this whole thing that makes it a Green Arrow story and not a Flash or Superman story.

Oh well.  At least it isn’t a Batman story.

I think I’ll see how this initial arc turns out before deciding if I want to keep going with it.  This isn’t a bad comic, but it doesn’t strike me as a Green Arrow comic.

Grade:  B-