July 18, 2024

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The X-Files “Folie à Deux”

There's a monster at a telemarketing firm. No, a real one.

Vince Gilligan got story credit for this one.  His scripts are usually  barely supernatural, but that’s not the case for this one where a monster is running telemarketing offices.

Yeah, I think the jokes there are obvious, but moving on…

The Case:  Zombie Telemarketers!

The Rest:  A man working at a telemarketer sees his boss is a monster.  Said monster turns the guys’ co-workers into zombies, starting with the attractive blonde in the next cubicle, who is also attractive as a shambling corpse if anyone asks me but no one did.  And only this one guy sees the monster or the zombies.  They look like regular people otherwise.

OK, let me take a moment to say this about telemarketers:  they’re annoying, but they’re also people doing a job.  I’m sure most if not all of them would much rather be doing something else.  Then again, since cellphones became a thing, I don’t think I get as many as I used to.  Every so often, my barely used landline will get a call from some police charity.  I always know who they are because the same line starts the call where the caller says something about getting his answering machine voice ready.  I let him talk for a bit (it’s always a him) before telling him I know what he’s doing, that I do not give money to charities no matter how worthy they are that call me out of the blue, then politely as possible hang up.  As I see it, there’s no need to be mean to people just trying to earn a living.

Which brings up to this episode that posits a giant insect is turning those people into the walking dead.  When the one guy can see it takes the office hostage, Mulder goes in to look around before also being taken hostage.

Probably worth noting Mulder was asked by Skinner to look into one lone weirdo.  Mulder thought Skinner was just giving him a joke assignment and even told Scully to stay behind until he realized it wasn’t a joke assignment, just before he was taken hostage, and convinced her to join him.  All I have to say about that is Mulder sure was dumb leaving the competent agent behind.  I didn’t see Scully getting taken hostage.

Naturally, the hostage thing goes as well as it should, and when the fellow with a manifesto is killed, that should be the end of it…except Mulder got a glimpse of the bug’s real form.  Now it’s all about Mulder looking for the truth, to the point where even Scully thinks he lost it and is at best only humoring him at things she normally wouldn’t.  But there was one victim at the hostage-taking, and Scully’s visual autopsy shows the body is much older than it should be given when the man supposedly died.

All that means is Mulder, for once, ends up in the mental hospital after trying to save Skinner from the bug man, but it’s a trap there where his nurse is a zombie, and only Scully finding some weird evidence on that one corpse gets her to Mulder in time.  Time enough to exonerate Mulder to Skinner, without the slightest hint of what she saw because Scully won’t explain anything she doesn’t understand, and for the bug monster to move on to start over somewhere else with all of his zombies.

Some days, it doesn’t pay to go to work.

Up next, just a psychic kid.