July 18, 2024

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Weekend Trek “Phantasms”

Data has his first nightmares.

Why does an android dream?  Or sleep for that matter?  Eh, it may not matter much.  Data does, and that might come in handy when he starts having nightmares.  Jimmy and Tom share some thoughts on that below.


Data has his first nightmares, and they may be connected to events on the ship.

jimmy:  Hmm. Should I make a comment about wanting to eat Troi cake?  I better not.

tomk:  Cellular peptide is full of raisins.

jimmy:  Gross. Worf thought it was delicious. But he also likes prune juice.

tomk:  And Riker’s eggs.

jimmy:  Worf probably won’t get a job as a food critic.

tomk:  Klingons still gotta eat.

jimmy:  Also maybe foreshadowing with Worf’s finding Troi delicious.

tomk:  OK, Jimmy, you might want to take a time out there before you go further down that path.

jimmy:  I’m just saying…

tomk:  We know what you’re just saying, Jimmy.  We all do.  Even the Beaver.

jimmy:  Moving on then…

tomk:  Yes, good idea.

jimmy:  I was a little surprised they all knew what a phone was.

tomk:  Well, Data certainly did.

jimmy:  Picard and Geordi answered it as well. And Picard sounded like Mr. Burns calling it an old timey phone receptacle, or whatever he said.

tomk:  Are you suggesting Patrick Stewart for a live action Simpsons movie now?

jimmy:  No. But that’s not bad casting.

tomk:  Ahoy hoy.

jimmy:  I guess they’ve seen phones on the holodeck.

tomk:  Do enough Dixon Hill mysteries, you know what a phone is.

jimmy:  Exactly.

tomk:  And do enough John Carpenter related stuff, and you know how to stab someone.

jimmy:  You think there are a lot of John Carpenter holodeck programs?

tomk:  Worf probably has one for smacking around Michael Myers.

jimmy:  That makes sense.

tomk:  Crusher might have one to see if she can figure out who has been infected by The Thing. And not the one from the FF.

jimmy:  Or to drink more out of Riker’s face.

tomk:  Are you saying you wouldn’t want Beverly to suck on your face?

jimmy:  Not really.

tomk:  Well, just be glad Data was getting timely warnings. His usual bad dreams are much worse.

jimmy:  That’s pretty bad.

tomk:  And includes the Garbage Day Guy.

jimmy:  Yes. I noticed. Sneaky.

tomk:  And some things that might have been worse.

jimmy:  I didn’t watch the whole thing, but yes.

tomk:  Smart man. You probably didn’t get to the guy who kept getting shot. Have a piece of cake with mint frosting.

jimmy:  Vanilla cake with mint frosting?  Pass.

tomk:  I think it’s chocolate, Troi’s favorite.

jimmy:  Oh, then thanks!

tomk:  Besides, I think you might be in one of Data’s dreams.

jimmy:  Is he trying to stab me?

tomk:  I don’t know. What’s that over there?

jimmy:  My ex?

tomk:  You dated Large Marge?

jimmy:  It felt like it sometimes.

tomk:  Was there a sound like the Enterprise fell off the Empire State Building?

jimmy:  Just from me.

tomk:  And if they pulled a body from the twisted, burning wreck, did it look like this?

jimmy:  Yes. But it was just a dream.

tomk:  Did Data come at you with a knife?  That only happens when he’s awake.

jimmy:  He came at me with a cat and a long list of instructions.

tomk:  Sounds like a nightmare. You didn’t even get to try a high pitched noise to scare the miners away.

jimmy:  So did Data subconsciously know about the sound as well?  He would just randomly start doing it before they told him to shut up.

tomk:  Data mostly was watching old movies with Barclay.

jimmy:  That is close to the sound.

tomk:  High pitched noises can be very helpful. It’s why Ryan hired Mariah Carey to hit those high notes in the lobby.

jimmy:  She keeps the owls away.

tomk:  Also those weird alien parasites Watson brought back from his last vacation.

jimmy:  He keeps doing that. I don’t know why Ryan lets him leave the building.

tomk:  You’d rather he never leave?

jimmy:  Man. This is a tricky one. How about leave but not come back?

tomk:  So he can cause trouble and ruin your reputation?

jimmy:  What would Dream Data do?

tomk:  Answer the phone.

jimmy:  That never helps anyone.

tomk:  That’s why the Prize Patrol keeps delivering your awards to your next door neighbor.

jimmy:  There’s a Prize Patrol?

tomk:  How do you think we get your awards out?  They call ahead.

jimmy:  There are awards?

tomk:  Some are major awards.

jimmy:  I better have a talk with my neighbor.

tomk:  He signs his packages as a Mr. B. Eaver.

jimmy:  Grr

tomk:  I get the impression the Moose’s friend is messing with you again.

jimmy:  Maybe I’ll send Data over with his spanner.


Well, that’s a dark thought.

jimmy:  Maybe there’s some invisible interdimensional beings over there.

tomk:  All I know is Troi is awfully forgiving of Data given what happened.

jimmy:  Well, he was trying to help her really.

tomk:  Do you expect a Jimmy Cake from everyone you have stabbed?

jimmy:  No, but that would be awesome.

tomk:  How many people have you stabbed, Jimmy?

jimmy:  Today?

tomk:  Ever…?

jimmy:  Ever?  None.

tomk:  OK, and today?

jimmy:  None.  But the day’s not over yet.

tomk:  Jimmy, don’t stab people for cake.

jimmy:  Fine.

tomk:  If you want cake, just go to the break room.

jimmy:  Is Patrick Stewart there directing things?

tomk:  Um, no.  It was the Moose’s birthday.

jimmy:  Again?

tomk:  The other Moose.

jimmy:  Oh.  Ok then.

tomk:  Yup.  Jim “the Moose” Hammersmith, the jovial guy who works out of Legal.

jimmy:  He’d make sure that Data didn’t face any consequences of his “waking dreams”, just like he didn’t for his insubordination helping Geordi find his “mom”.

tomk:  Both did saves lives through their actions.

jimmy:  Does that legally excuse their behavior?

tomk:  It apparently does for Data. He just got a cake.

jimmy:  Everything’s coming up Data.

tomk:  That probably only works for Data.

jimmy:  Apparently.

tomk:  Except we’re big fans of Data. We’re more likely to accept that everyone will be fine with him after his Norman Bates impression. We haven’t checked in with the Reverse Angle guys in a while. They tend to be more critical.

jimmy:  I find they are being overly critical. I get a lot of their nitpicks, and I’ve been known to be that way myself, but I just didn’t think too much about this episode and found it entertaining.

tomk:  Critics being critical?  What is the world coming to?  They were probably infected by those parasites.

jimmy:  Do you agree with them?

tomk:  Not really. Data is more than just a robot.

jimmy:  They make an interesting point about him being a potential danger to the crew.

tomk:  He hasn’t exploded yet!

jimmy:  Yet. Still 3/4 of a season to go!

tomk:  That’s the spirit!


tomk:  Ok, that’s a bit too much spirit.

jimmy:  Probably too dark for this show but I did like their suggestion of a continuing subplot where Troi and others were afraid of Data.

tomk:  I don’t see why. Data let Worf and Riker disarm him.

If he were really homicidal, that wouldn’t have happened.

jimmy:  Sure. But just an alternate universe story.

tomk:  Like the one where Watson is your best friend?

jimmy:  Sounds like one of Data’s nightmares.

tomk:  Only if he sees one of you is cake.

jimmy:  Hopefully not me.

tomk:  I think I know what you prefer.

jimmy:  I’d be as successful as Homer at leaving it alone.

tomk:  Well golly gee, Jimmy, how have you lived this long?

jimmy:  I stay out of Data’s way.

tomk:  In case he explodes?

jimmy:  Or is hungry for cake.

tomk:  It might be time to wake up then.


tomk:  Good. Now that you’re conscious again, do you have anything else to add?

jimmy:  So Geordi spends over six seasons as the loneliest man on the Enterprise, but when some woman starts throwing herself at him, he thinks she’s coming on too strong?

tomk:  He doesn’t understand irony.

jimmy:  And him such a big reader.

tomk:  He must be reading the wrong things.

jimmy:  Apparently. Like “How To Deal With Captains Who Won’t Leave Engineering”.

tomk:  Picard really wanted to go to that banquet.  Or he didn’t.  Or Patrick Stewart decided he needed more screentime.

jimmy:  Probably the latter. As Picard really didn’t want to go to the banquet. And if it was an Admiral’s banquet, why was Picard going anyway?

tomk:  The admiral was showing off his power by forcing the lead actor…I mean, the captain of the flagship of the fleet to attend his banquet.

jimmy:  Those wacky admirals.

tomk:  So, in a sense…those parasites did Picard a favor.

jimmy:  He probably brought them on board.

tomk:  Well, at least that explains where they came from.

jimmy:  Picard really didn’t want to go to that ball.

tomk:  He should have shaved Riker’s head and sent him instead.

jimmy:  Lol, now that I’d like to see.

tomk:  Well, you’d probably prefer to see that instead of, I dunno, a return appearance by Lwaxana Troi.

jimmy:  Maybe.

tomk:  Say, guess who is the next episode.

jimmy:  I’m guessing it’s not bald Riker.

tomk:  It may be a famous actress from well before the time she became famous.

jimmy:  Always interesting when familiar faces pop up when you watch old shows like this.

tomk:  Like when I saw Ryan Reynolds and Jack Black on The X-Files?

jimmy:  Exactly like that.

tomk:  Not the same episode, by the way.

jimmy:  I know.

tomk:  Do you now?  It might be time to give you a major award.

jimmy:  Just make sure it doesn’t go to my neighbor.

tomk:  Would he want an autographed photo of Ron Canada?

jimmy:  Who wouldn’t?

tomk:  Just answer the phone when the Prize Patrol calls then.  It comes with cookies.

jimmy:  I’m ready!

tomk:  For the final appearance of Lwaxana Troi on TNG?

jimmy:  I guess so.

tomk:  And a famous actress.

jimmy:  Let’s do it.

tomk:  You got it!

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