July 16, 2024

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Alice In Borderland “Episode 2”

Season One, Episode Two

I had hoped when I selected this show for the Friday evening slot that it would be weird and fun.

I can safely say I got my wish here.

So, after watching gamer Arisu, bartender Karube, and office drone Chota all survived their first game in this mysterious and mostly empty version of Tokyo, what kind of cool-ass thing am I going to see first?

A young woman mountain climbing?

Oh wait, this is the same badass-looking woman I saw at the end of the previous episode.  Her name is apparently Usagi, and she is an experienced climber, something that comes in handy later.

But yes, back to the original trio, plus new companion Shibuki, they have three days where they don’t have to play any more games.  But Chota hurt himself, and he’s a devout Christian apparently,  That might mean something, but it does mean Arisu and Karube go off to try and find a doctor while Shibuki opts to take care of him.  And seduce him because she uses sex that way too.  Arisu’s plan is to find allies and extend their stay by winning another game, and that leads them to a motel where a group is waiting for what is basically hide-and-seek.  Someone is “it,” and “it” will kill them.  But they have to find a bomb and hit an off-switch in less than 20 minutes.

So, who is “it”?

A guy in a horse mask with a machine gun.

Yeah, that sounds about right.

As it is, lots of contestants go down, but Arisu and Karube do manage to stay ahead of things, each getting help.  There’s a tough guy in a tank top.  His wimpier looking friend.  They have special wristwatches on.  Usagi it there to jackrabbit around the different levels without trying to leave.  Some sly feller named Chishiya is playing on his own before deciding to help out a bit when time is almost up because it turns out his walkman is actually a taser.  And yes, there is a plan:  Arisu and Usagi can find the bomb, Karube and the two guys who looks like they belong to a gang will take out the guy in the horse mask because it turns out wearing a horse mask isn’t good for the peripheral vision, and the gun does need to be reloaded from time-to-time.  Chishiya pulls in on his own.

Now, I didn’t think a game of tag like this could be this tense, but it is, so kudos to the people who made this.  The script and direction sure do seem to know how to ratchet up the tension.  The one gang guy lets his buddy get killed, and it turns out the horse-masked guy is also pretty good with a machete.  Tank top looks kinda badass with that scar.  Arisu does find the bomb, but there’s a second horse-masked guy in there.  The off button is hit by himself and Usagi at the literal last possible second.  Usagi, initially working for herself, decides to follow Arisu’s lead and shout out where the horse guy is to help other people.

Oh, and the two “it” figures are also contestants who die because they lost the game.

I am not all that surprised by the last part.

So, what’s “the beach” that walkie talkie said to go back to?