July 13, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: Eternals #10 (March, 2022)

The Eternals need answers from a Celestial, and the Avengers are currently living in one.

The Eternals, for this series, have been written as characters who are literally unable to change because that’s how the Celestials programmed them, but they really, really want to.

Oh, and Thanos took over their city without firing a shot.

Issue:  Eternals #10, March 2022

Writer:  Kieron Gillen

Artist:  Esad Ribic

The Plot:  The Eternals need to sneak past the Avengers.

Commentary:  So, the Eternals, every time someone revives them, a random human dies.  Thanos knows this.  But he’s pretty quick to kill various Eternals only to resurrect them to continue the torture.  He even brought his parents back, two Eternals that were on a “do not resurrect” list because they committed the crime of having Thanos.

Oh, and he has a weapon that can destroy human towns that he can also use for blackmail purposes.  This is Thanos.  He will use it.

Now, where are the heroic Eternals during all this?  Well, they need information on how Deviants work because Thanos is part Deviant apparently, and only a Celestial can fill them in on that.  But those aren’t exactly common on Earth.  Except there is on!

It’s kinda dead, and the Avengers are using it as their current headquarters!

So, what happens is essentially a heist story as the Eternals combine their powers to sneak into Avengers Mountain, ranging from Sersi going off to flirt with Namor while Sprite uses her illusion powers to charm the juvenile Starbrand.  Yes, there’s a complication that will lead to a fight between the two groups next issue.  A Marvel Comic where that didn’t happen is highly unlikely as it is.  But yes, the first part showing the break-in, complete with the series narrator’s snarky description of the Avengers line-up (every word in Namor’s description is in quotation marks), was a lot of fun at least.

Grade  B+