March 2, 2024

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The X-Files “Mind’s Eye”

A blind woman can see through a killer's eyes.

Not much Scully in this episode either, possibly because of filming for the X-Files movie I will be getting to soon.  But this time, I think it might be a bit different due to a guest star.  Most of the time, I see a famous face from before they were famous or some older actor who was probably past their prime.  But this time, it’s someone a bit noteworthy for the time.

The Case:  The Blind Woman Sees Things!

The Rest:  So, I saw that this was an episode where a blind woman was seeing through the eyes of a killer.  The blind woman was played by actress Lili Taylor, someone I have seen in many things over the years, and I assumed that like most recognizable actors on this show, she was appearing in this before moving on to better things.  Also, the blind woman was probably an innocent victim.

Yeah, it turns out both of those assumptions were wrong.

For starters, Taylor was actually a well known indie film actress at the time who wasn’t really known for doing any television.  But the shocker here is she actually approached the show because she wanted to appear in an episode rather than the other way around.

And second, the episode went out of its way to make Taylor’s Marty Glenn anything but innocent.  She sees a mystery man go kill a drug dealer in a seedy motel, and what does she do?  She goes to the crime scene and tries to clean it up.  The cops catch her there.  That’s when Mulder and Scully get called in.

Marty, it seems, already has a rap sheet with a number of crimes on her record, many of them drug-related and with some assault charges.  She’s grouchy, dismissive, and all-around unpleasant.  She’s also confessing to the crime while demonstrating how good her other senses are without sight.  Mulder eventually figures out she’s lying about being the killer, and she’s possibly protecting someone, causing Mulder to work on bonding with the woman.  And it works.  Sort of.  Marty tries confessing and even takes a lie detector test.  Is she protecting someone?

Actually, Mulder eventually realizes what’s happening:  Marty is blind because the man whose eyes she’s seeing through killed her mother before she was born.  She was delivered suddenly, but it cost her her sight.  Oh, and the killer was her father.  What Mulder eventually realizes is the Marty isn’t protecting the killer:  she’s protecting herself because she doesn’t want to see the inside of a prison again.  And since the killer has been following her, it’s only a matter of time before he catches up to the woman who even tried to warn him to stop being a violent jerk.

And then there’s how she is able to shoot and kill him because she can see him sneaking up on her through his eyes.  Sure, she’ll go to prison for it, but when Mulder comes to see her, she seems a lot happier than she did for the entire episode.

Really, bang-up job here from Taylor.  This was a one-off character with a lot more nuance than this show usually gets.

Up next, angels.