July 19, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: Suicide Squad #14 (April, 2022)

With a victorious Waller gone, what's the Suicide Squad to do?

You know, I was really digging this Suicide Squad series…then that “Crisis on Earth-3” crossover thingee happened, and, well, I was kinda disappointed how that ended and didn’t exactly feel the need to jump right into things.  But apparently, there were still two issues left.  What’s the team to do?

Um, I’m not sure.

Issue:  Suicide Squad #14, April 2022

Writer:  Dennis Hopeless

Artists:  Eduardo Pansica, Dexter Soy, and Julio Ferreira

The Plot:  Rick Flagg tries to run the Squad now that Waller is gone.

Commentary:  OK, I figure it’s possible to run a Suicide Squad series without Amanda Waller.  I just don’t know if this run can survive without Waller.  Waller was the driving force behind everything since the first issue when she confessed she was tired of sending people off to die and wanted a Justice League of her own to always come back.  Then she sent people off to die in order to get that, but that was her first impulse, and it was what she more or less reminded the reader of at the end of Crisis on Earth-3 was her goal all along.  Rick Flagg lost once again to the superior planner, and quite frankly, there didn’t seem to be any reason to pursue her to Earth-3 anyway.

So…now what?

I mean, the series only lasted two issues after that crossover, #14 being the first, and it seems as directionless as the Squad itself as Flagg tries to rebuild the team while also trying to secure funding.  Sure, most of the characters that weren’t killed off–and one that was–are still here, but it seems kinda pointless, especially since the next issue is the last one.  What is this incarnation of the Suicide Squad without Waller to be that antagonist they either outright opposed or were forced to follow?

And since the issue ends with a “To Be Concluded,” I get the impression the creative team doesn’t really know either.  I somehow doubt this group will find some meaning in another 22 pages.

I’m not sure if there was ever a series that went from something I was really digging to something I just feel underwhelmed by as quickly as this without a change in a creative team.

Grade:  C