February 29, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: Superman: Lost #4-5 (June-July, 2023)

Superman, settled on a far distant planet, finds local politics challenging.

So, a new issue of this series popped up on DC Universe Infinite the day I am typing this up, and I guess I forgot I hadn’t reviewed this one yet because I broke my habit of not reading a new issue before I reviewed the last one.

Eh, I think I’ll be fine.  I’ll just do both.

Issues:  Superman: Lost #4-5, June-July 2023

Writer:  Priest

Artists:  Carlo Pagulayan and Jason Paz

The Plot:  Superman has settled on a far off planet in the past while Lois finds a possible solution in the present.

Commentary:  So, this series has basically been working off two storylines.  There’s the one in the present where Lois Lane wonders what happened to her husband since, by her perspective, he was gone a couple hours.  Then there’s what happened to Clark who, by his perspective, was gone for 20 years, lost in a far-off galaxy where something out there happened to him.  What that something was has yet to be revealed, but there are some really strong hints in these two issues.

For the Lois storyline, there was a little more than usual in #5.  She consulted Wonder Woman (revealing she doesn’t much care for Diana for reasons she can’t quite explain), and that she’s been covering for Clark at the Daily Planet, but there’s something way off about the guy.  Lois’s worries have always been a minor part of this story, but seeing her become more active at this point, the halfway point of the series, is appropriate and rather welcome.

As for the Clark storyline, he found himself incredibly lost and opted to stay on the first planet he found, rebuilding his Smallville childhood home in the more bucolic area while flying out at night as Superman to secretly do good for the pollution-clogged section he called “Newark”.

It’s actually “New-ark,” but Clark seems to keep mispronouncing names on this world to make them more like people and places he knows.

Then the Republic, a libertarian society, allows a scavenger race (the first aliens Clark met when he found himself lost in space) to raze New-ark, leading Superman to go out to defend them despite the fact the scavengers have permits.

Yeah, Priest always was good with this sort of humor.

However, then a Green Lantern shows up.  Sort of.  This alien woman just got the ring, she says, and didn’t even know what a Green Lantern was or anything about the rest of the Corps.  Point is, Superman can help her be a hero, but she can’t help him get home.

There’s obviously more to all this, and the two plots are finally converging at the end of #5.  I don’t expect Clark to be miraculously cured next issue, but these two issues did suggest it was more than Clark was away for 20 years that set him this way.  In fact, historically speaking, the only times Superman has been this disturbed has been when something happened that forced him to break his moral code.  There’s a hint that he might be attracted to the Green Lantern alien, but I don’t think Superman would ever cheat on Lois Lane.  So, perhaps it is something far, far worse.

I can’t wait to find out.

Grade:  A-