March 2, 2024

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The X-Files “Christmas Carol”

Scully tries to protect some strange child after a voice on the phone asks her to.

For a few minutes there, I thought I was getting a Mulder-free episodes.  There have been a couple without Scully, at least one owing to Gillain Anderson’s pregnancy, but no, Mulder appears on screen for about 30 seconds to answer the phone when Scully calls him but then she doesn’t say anything to him and hangs up.

I’d say Scully is a jerk, but sometimes I think Mulder deserves that sort of thing.

The Case:  Mysterious Adopted Girl!

The Rest:  So, it’s Christmas time, and that means Scully is off with her mom to see her brother Bill and his pregnant wife in San Diego on a naval base, one with the same layout as their childhood home.  Or so Bill says.  I would think a naval officer might move around a lot, meaning they would have different homes, but for all I know, this was to save money by using the same house they always use when Mulder or Scully visit Mrs. Scully.

Anyway, there’s a phone call.  Scully answers it only to hear a woman’s voice plead with her to help a child.  No name is given.  Scully uses her resources to track the call back, but it’s the site of what looks like a suicide, and the phone had been off the hook for hours.  The dead woman’s husband seems a little suspicious, and there’s a young child there that Dana doesn’t get to see right away.  And since Vince Gilligan co-wrote the script, that means there’s barely anything weird here for most of the episode, making it just barely an X-File sort of case.

That actually suits Scully fine as it means she has to investigate a crime, and as I have noted many times during this rewatch, Scully is a very good agent who knows what she’s doing.  She finds the evidence that the suicide was a murder.  She finds more than the girl’s mother had been receiving payments from a pharmaceutical company to test a drug on the little girl’s rare disease and the father would get it instead, and she got the father arrested before having second thoughts and discovering that man is also dead of a suspicious suicide that Scully is sure is a murder.

And all the while, she’s remembering her sister, various exposures to death, and after confessing she can’t have children, gets it in her head that her late sister Melissa, who the child looks a lot like, might be the girl’s mother, with this girl as some daughter Melissa had when she was on some “finding herself” road trip.  She even has a DNA test done, one that shows Melissa and this girl share some DNA.

Too bad no one else seems to believe her, to the point Bill blames Mulder for it.  While I am all for blaming Mulder for going off the deep end whenever mention of his sister comes around, there’s a limit.  This is all Scully going off the deep end for her own dead sister.

And then, the last second reveal, leading to Part Two in a two parter I didn’t remember:  the DNA tests say Melissa isn’t the young girl’s mother.  No…Scully is!

Dum dum dum!

Up next, more of this I guess.