April 19, 2024

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Weekend Trek “Interface”

Geordi thinks he sees his missing mother when he interfaces with a remote probe.

And hey, Star Trek chats and reviews are back!  Just in time for the weekend!

Jimmy and Tom get the ball rolling with an episode about Geordi’s parents, played by two noteworthy guest stars.


Geordi believes an experimental brain-probe has allowed him to make contact with his missing mother.

jimmy:  Ben Vereen, now there’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time.

tomk:  A long time.

And he’s in one scene.

jimmy:  Yes. A good scene though.

tomk:  But what about Madge Sinclair?

jimmy:  Umm…

tomk:  Well, it’s not her first Star Trek.

jimmy:  Geordi’s mom is old.

tomk:  And here she is next to James Earl Jones.

jimmy:  Really, really old.

tomk:  And possibly a lion where she was also James Earl Jones’s queen.

jimmy:  I didn’t know Geordi was descended from royalty.

tomk:  His blindness might be the result of royal inbreeding.

jimmy:  Interesting.

tomk:  I don’t see a lot of other folks in VISORs.

jimmy:  Only royalty can afford them.

tomk:  Plus, with Ben Vereen, now you know part of a magic spell.

jimmy:  Apparently.

tomk:  I know just the guy you can test it out on.

jimmy:  If I shrink him enough, maybe he’ll disappear from the internet.

tomk:  Good luck with that.

jimmy:  Worth a try.

tomk:  I mean, you’re only looking to obliterate a popular internet meme. How hard could that be?

jimmy:  Popular?

tomk:  You didn’t know?

jimmy:  God help us all.

tomk:  “Garbage day” is a famous line from a terrible movie that reached popular meme status because it was the right combination of stupid, awful, and weirdly memorable. Fans of bad movies love that sort of stuff. It’s like the “oh my god!” from an even worse movie, Troll 2.

jimmy:  I don’t know what that is either.

tomk:  Something worse than Garbage Day.

jimmy:  I’ve never seen that before.

tomk:  I’ll be nice and not go find it this time.

jimmy:  If only you could have said the same to Geodi about his mom.

tomk:  That I wouldn’t go find Geodi’s mom?  Why would I when Geordi is the one who needs help? 

jimmy:  Geordi should have known better. I can only imagine it was grief-driven.

tomk:  Geordi does have issues with women leaving him.

jimmy:  That’s true. And we know Data secretly hates Geordi so he was fine to keep helping him.

tomk:  Data would kill Geordi to feel again.

jimmy:  He tried to here. He basically stroked out at 75%…”sure, I’ll raise it to 125%, Geordi. No problem.”

tomk:  Data may not be the best friend to have in some situations.

jimmy:  But is in others.

tomk:  Like if you need someone to distract people with bad poetry.

jimmy:  Is it bad if it is non-existent?  That sounds good to me.

tomk:  You like Data’s poetry?

jimmy:  I like non-existent poetry.

tomk:  The threat of Data’s poetry would suffice then.

jimmy:  I’m not big on poetry. Geordi didn’t even like the silent type.

tomk:  Geordi prefers other things like literacy programs, protecting our beloved covered bridges, and world domination.

jimmy:  I feel like I missed the joke here.


jimmy:  Ah right. Lol.

tomk:  Can I just say it’s impressive how The Simpsons packed that many jokes into a 41 second clip?

jimmy:  Early seasons were masterpieces.

tomk:  Much better than watching Geordi have problems involving a woman again.

jimmy:  Even his dad showed up to talk some sense into him to no avail.

tomk:  Picard will just have to ground him.

jimmy:  It’s going on his permanent record.  That’ll learn’em.

tomk:  And Data?  He gets no dessert for a week.

jimmy:  Yeah, Picard kinda glossed over any ramifications for Data.

tomk:  That’s for Data to learn about.  All those split hairs on how he couldn’t stop Geordi from doing something he hadn’t done yet, Picard is going to give him a very stern talking-to.

jimmy:  Also another example of Data having at least rudimentary emotions.

tomk:  Or at least some leftover residue of being a troublemaking little booger from what Lore did to him.

jimmy:  That was my first thought, but in this case he was acting more sympathetic towards Geordi…not wanting to experiment on and possibly kill him.

tomk:  That’s because he knew this was a Geordi episode, and that means there’s either a woman or Scotty involved.  And when you’re a Geordi girl in a Geordi world, it’s not all that fantastic, but you might be made out of plastic. 

jimmy:  Somebody saw Barbie tonight.

tomk:  Lots of people did.  The theater was crowded.

jimmy:  Because of the way things play out, we don’t really get to see the death of Geordi’s mom have much of an impact on him.  Ignoring the grief-stricken search for her ship that almost killed him.

tomk:  He was going through the stages of grief.  He was just stuck in “denial”.

jimmy:  That’s like the first step.

tomk:  So, next episode he’ll move on to the second step which is, uh, chocolate.

jimmy:  Sounds like he’s teaming up with Troi again.

tomk:  Besides, a grieving Geordi couldn’t have saved those subspace alien weirdos.

jimmy:  And why couldn’t those guys be more direct?  Why the dead mother ruse in the first place?

tomk:  I got the impression that they didn’t necessarily choose that form because they took something from Geordi’s mind that he was already thinking a lot about.

jimmy:  Maybe…and then went on and on about what happened to her and her ship and how to save them…

tomk:  Did she mention the ship or did Geordi just assume as much because they spoke rather vaguely?

jimmy:  I don’t remember specificly, but the interwebs says “She states that she and the crew of the Hera are actually trapped on the planet’s surface.”

tomk:  I don’t remember precisely either, but my recollection is she mostly says she needs Geordi to do something to save her and Geordi assumes it’s the rescue the Hera.

jimmy:  Guess we’ll have to watch it again to be sure.

tomk:  Or we could not and just say Geordi shouldn’t have done that regardless…or he should have since he saved those alien lives.

jimmy:  It all worked out, especially for the aliens, but it was a dumb move by Geordi.

tomk:  Geordi?  Made a dumb move?  That never happens.

jimmy:  At least this time we can cut him some slack since he thought his mother had died or was at least missing.

tomk:  That’s right.  He’s not almost dating a married woman’s holographic double this time.

jimmy:  On screen anyway.

As an aside: The episode had a spin-off written about the fate of the Federation space ship USS Hera; the book Indistinguishable from Magic by David A. McIntee.

tomk:  I wouldn’t know.  I’ll bet it involved a holodeck accident.

jimmy:  Or Evil Wesley.

tomk:  Evil Wesley caused a holodeck accident?

jimmy:  Would that surprise you?

tomk:  Nothing surprises me anymore.  Not about Wesley or the holodeck.

jimmy:  I bet LaVar Burton was happy to have so many scenes without having to wear his visor or contact lenses. That said, with so many scenes without his visor, he probably wore those white contacts much more than usual.

tomk:  Apparently, the VISOR gave him headaches.

jimmy:  Had to be better than those lenses.

tomk:  It does make reading more difficult. And we all know how he feels about books.


tomk:  Yes, but you don’t have to take my word for it.

jimmy:  Whose should I take?

tomk:  Not Geordi’s dead mother.

jimmy:  I’ll never read that book, but curious what did happen to her.

tomk:  She invented Jiffy Pop.

jimmy:  …really?

tomk:  Well, someone had to.

jimmy:  You never see anyone on Star Trek eating popcorn.

tomk:  The replicator doesn’t see the point.

jimmy:  What do they eat while watching movies?

tomk:  They seem to have plays and the holodeck.

jimmy:  I can see the holodeck squeezing out movies and TV, but plays?

Is no one watching season 350 of The Simpsons?

tomk:  Apparently not.  With the holodeck, you could be in the season.  Why watch it when you can be in it?

jimmy:  Or watch it as a play.

tomk:  That’s being performed by your coworkers.

jimmy:  I’d be lined up for that.

tomk:  You want to see Watson recreate jumping Springfield Gorge on a skateboard?


Yes. Yes, I do.


jimmy:  That’s gonna be heard to recreate in Ten Forward.

tomk:  That’s why you use the holodeck.  Or an airlock.

jimmy:  “Just step right in here, Ensign Watson…”

tomk:  You seem to be enjoying that too much.



tomk:  Would you do that if Watson thought he saw a dead relative on a stranded ship using an experimental interface?

jimmy:  Help him?

tomk:  I get the impression you wouldn’t be too quick to watch the safety levels.

jimmy:  We don’t have a Data and Geordi kind of relationship.

tomk:  Well, we clearly had a lot to say about this episode.

jimmy:  It was fine. Geordi was a probe. Some aliens impersonated the dead. Picard let Data off easy.

tomk:  And we didn’t have to worry about any aliens probing.

jimmy:  Oh, we always need to worry about that.

tomk:  And Picard probably had Geordi clean the warp core with a toothbrush.

jimmy:  Better than making him study poetry with Data.

tomk:  Well, regardless, Picard’s time in charge may come to an unexpected end.

jimmy:  Now you’re just trying to segue.

tomk:  Well, I could be trying to segue.  Or I could be succeeding.  I mean, what would happen if Picard was…murdered!

jimmy:  Making the end of the season, the TNG movies and 3 seasons of Picard very difficult.

tomk:  Well, it may be a trick.  There’s only one way to find out.  Two if you check Wikipedia or something.

jimmy:  I wouldn’t do that!

tomk:  So, shall we move on to the next one?

jimmy:  We shall.  Murder!

tomk:  Murder most foul.  Or not.

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