May 22, 2024

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Going Through The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Part Twenty-Four

Jimmy and Tom are coming towards the end of the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes with the episodes "New Avengers" and "Operation Galactic Storm".

Jimmy and Tom have been at this for a while.  What makes Jimmy happy?  A Spider-Man appearance.  What makes Tom happy?  Watching Jimmy react to a Spider-Man appearance that Tom knew was coming.

Anyway, Jimmy and Tom this time around are covering the episodes “New Avengers” and “Operation Galactic Storm”.

“New Avengers”

When Kang wipes the Avengers out of time, some New Avengers will take their place.

jimmy:  My man Spidey represented pretty well.

tomk:  Better than the others.

jimmy:  Most of them didn’t want to be there to begin with.


jimmy:  Exactly.

tomk:  But you got a bunch of characters you probably like. Plus Iron Fist.

jimmy:  Heh.  I don’t mind non-Netflix Iron Fist.

tomk:  This one actually does stuff. He even survives massive falls to concrete that would severely injure a normal man.

jimmy:  All superheroes do that.

tomk:  Spidey made sure Wolverine didn’t.

jimmy:  Ironically, the one least likely to need saving.

tomk:  Danny just made sure he landed fist first.

jimmy:  Kids, don’t try that at home.

tomk:  They should practice their pitching. Never know when someone needs to throw a fastball.

jimmy:  Ben Grimm seemed to do his best Colossus impression.

tomk:  It’s almost as good as your Ryan impression.

jimmy:  Almost.  But I’ve had over 20 years to perfect that one.

tomk:  It’s mostly just threatening people over spoilers.

jimmy:  That does come up a lot.

tomk:  Kang gives a lot away since he comes from the future.

jimmy:  A future that never heard of the New Avengers. Don’t tell Officer Bendis.

tomk:  I don’t think this line-up lasted more than 22 minutes.

jimmy:  That’s all they needed.

tomk:  And now we know what killed the dinosaurs.

jimmy:  A Canadian.


jimmy:  I would definitely put money on Wick over the Jurassic era.

tomk:  Plus, Keanu is Canadian.

jimmy:  Win win.

tomk:  If Kang knew John Wick was in town, he probably would have stayed in his cell, and the entire Council of Kangs wouldn’t have blamed him for a minute.

jimmy:  They were already disappointed that he hadn’t dispatched the Avengers, what chance would he have against John Wick?

tomk:  Especially since Mr Wick uses lethal force.

jimmy:  That doesn’t usually fly on Saturday mornings…unless you’re Wolverine.

tomk:  Only against offscreen dinosaurs.

jimmy:  You knew what was happening.  And could see their shadows.

tomk:  Is it Groundhogs Day?

jimmy:  No.

tomk:  So, animals slaughtered by a superhero. Got it.

jimmy:  And now we know what killed the dinosaurs.

tomk:  Again.

jimmy:  Wolverine is really old.

tomk:  But we watched it happen.

jimmy:  So did a traumatized Spider-Man.

tomk:  Spidey was having the worst day anyway. A bird stole his sandwich.

jimmy:  I hate when that happens.

tomk:  Do birds often steal your rooftop meals?

jimmy:  No. I had a dog steal a breakfast sandwich of the kitchen counter once.

tomk:  I guess that’s similar.

jimmy:  A sandwich is a sandwich.

tomk:  But a dog is not a bird.

jimmy:  Either way, me and Spidey were hungry afterwards.

tomk:  Well, I did have a pie cooling off in the break room…hey, someone ate it.

jimmy:  …it was the dog.

tomk:  The dog used a fork?

jimmy:  He’s a well cultured dog.

tomk:  Even though the fork was monogrammed with your initials?

jimmy:  That could belong to any “JI”.

tomk:  I guess that story checks out.

jimmy:  Phew!

I mean, of course.

tomk:  Well, I suppose next you’ll have something to say about how Spider-Man basically beat Kang.

jimmy:  That’s why he’s the best.

tomk:  I thought Wolverine is the best there is at what he does?

jimmy:  Did he beat Kang?

tomk:  He tried.

He certainly helped.

jimmy:  He can be Junior Vice President of the New Avengers then.

tomk:  Ok.  You tell him.

jimmy:  He’ll understand. Canadian to Canadian.

tomk:  You believe that?

jimmy:  Sure. It worked with Deadpool.

tomk:  I am not entirely sure that it did.

jimmy:  Did you see him in this episode?

tomk:  That’s why I am not sure it worked.

jimmy:  I told him not to show up.

tomk:  Deadpool listens to you?

jimmy:  Did you see him in this episode?

tomk:  I didn’t think he listened to anyone.

jimmy:  You just have to know the right Canadian words.

tomk:  Something that’s also translated to French, I suppose.

jimmy:  I can’t tell you since you’re not Canadian.

tomk:  Fair.  I don’t tell you many things as you are not American.

jimmy:  Like what?

tomk:  Like things that you just wouldn’t understand.  Like why Watson is allowed to roam the streets a free man.

jimmy:  You’re right. I don’t understand. Maybe we should stick to time traveling villains and how they seem to know nothing about past events.

tomk:  Lots of important things are lost to history.  You think a New Avengers line-up where Spider-Man and Wolverine are somehow members of the team will ever make sense?

jimmy:  Probably not. You’re right.

tomk:  I mean, Iron Fist as an Avenger?  Even if you like the guy, that’s an odd choice.  It’s like some writer just took his favorite characters from the 70s and tossed them onto a team together and called them the Avengers.

jimmy:  Yeah. Next you’ll tell me there’s a bi-racial Spider-Man that will take Peter’s place.

tomk:  Maybe in another universe.

jimmy:  Right. In this one, Spidey beat Kang.

tomk:  And I bet in this one, Jimmy beat the Master of the World with a fire truck.

jimmy:  This is a great universe.

tomk:  You are enjoying that fire hose way too much.

jimmy:  It made quick work of the paint on my front deck.

tomk:  Were you trying to remove that paint?

jimmy:  Well, yeah.

tomk:  Then that’s a good thing.

jimmy:  Yup. And i didn’t need those New Avengers that everyone will forget about.

tomk:  You probably had New Alpha Flight. You know, Wildchild, Ace Ventura, Celine Dion,and Ryan Gosling.

And they have the worst enemies.

jimmy:  That’s evil all right. It’s right there in his name.

tomk:  Worse than Slightly Bad Bob.

jimmy:  He’s no member of the Council of Kangs.

tomk:  You’re right. He belongs to the Bob Battalion.

jimmy:  Him. Bob the Builder. Sideshow Bob. SpongeBob SquarePants. Not an intimidating bunch.

tomk:  SpongeBob has his moments.

jimmy:  Sure. He’s not so good with the evil though.

tomk:  That’s for Twin Peaks Bob.

jimmy:  I wouldn’t know.

tomk:  Look that one up.  Or don’t. I’m not your boss.

jimmy:  Well, yeah, that guy is evil enough for the rest of them it seems.

tomk:  Exactly. You’d need, like, Old and New Avengers to take him down. Plus you and your fire truck.

jimmy:  That’s a lot.

tomk:  You’re right. We might only need War Machine.

jimmy:  Not bad for an Iron Man “clone”.

tomk:  Better than the Jimmy clone.

jimmy:  He keeps helping Jenny steal my donuts.

tomk:  He also started dating that firefighter woman and now only speaks Korean.

jimmy:  That’s so JC.

tomk:  Well, new Avengers are fun. They even appeared in the opening credits.  But the old ones need to clean up one of their messes.

jimmy:  I’ve been skipping the credits because I hate them in season 2. Guess I should have watched.

tomk:  They always end with the team line-up for the episode. This one has the new guys with Spidey front and center.

jimmy:  Geez.

tomk:  Well, you missed ten seconds of Spider-Man.

jimmy:  I’ll remedy that.

tomk:  By rereading Kraven’s Last Hunt?

jimmy:  It has been awhile.

tomk:  You’ll probably like that better.

jimmy:  Better than the next episode?

tomk:  Well, how much do you like the Kree?

jimmy:  Not much.

tomk:  So, you’d like to see the Avengers smack ‘em around some more?

jimmy:  Sure.

tomk:  You may be in luck.

“Operation Galactic Storm”

The Kree are back in force.  And they are doing something to the sun…

jimmy:  Have you read Operation Galactic Storm?

tomk:  Yes. This version seemed to lack the Shi’ar.

jimmy:  And I assume T’Challa doesn’t end up in the sun?

tomk:  I don’t think he was even among the 30 or so Avengers in that story.

jimmy:  Did anyone end up in the sun?

tomk:  Maybe Quasar. He got better.

jimmy:  They could have used a Quasar in this one.

tomk:  Yeah. Or the Guardians.

jimmy:  I thought that too as I was typing my last comment.

tomk:  They could have even asked Hank to shrink more stuff. Like Ronan’s Universal Weapon.

jimmy:  Haha. I was going to say the same thing. Any threats?  Just have Hank shrink them. Manhattan leveling bomb?  Shrink. Giant Kree warship?  Shrink. Tony’s bloated liver?  Shrink.

tomk:  Hank is either against violence or too into it. He’s the Worst Avenger.

jimmy:  That movie would have done worse than Quantumania.

tomk:  He sent that bomb to the quantum realm.

jimmy:  It “only blew up a few molecules”.

tomk:  You think this Yellowjacket sociopath cares?

jimmy:  No.

Having him on the team is really not a good look.

tomk:  Fun fact:  Bill Murray played the Human Torch in a short-lived Fantastic Four radio show back in the 70s.

jimmy:  Really?

tomk:  And why do you think no one objected to leaving Hank behind?

jimmy:  They should have put him through the wormhole.

tomk:  Oh, and see for yourself on the radio show.

jimmy:  Wow. I never heard of that.

tomk:  Few have.

jimmy:  Yet it’s your favorite Fantastic Four radio show from the 70’s.

tomk:  There weren’t many to choose from.

I mean, it’s also yours.

jimmy:  It is now.

tomk:  Now you probably need to tell someone else.

jimmy:  Before you know it, it will be everyone’s favorite Fantastic Four radio show from the 70’s.

tomk:  Exactly.

Next up, we’ll talk about the movie Melanie Griffith made as a kid with her parents and dozens of untrained lions, tigers, and other large cats.

jimmy:  Let’s not.

Though with all this FF talk, I did wonder why they didn’t bring in the Fantastic Four, or at least Reed.

tomk:  You got Ben one episode ago.

jimmy:  Yeah, but they could have used a big brain here.

tomk:  What’s wrong with Tony and T’Challa?

jimmy:  Nothing. But three geniuses is better than two. And maybe they wouldn’t have ended up with one of them in the sun and the other on the other side of the universe.

tomk:  You think the Panther is dead?

jimmy:  Like a throat cut, you don’t come back from flying into the sun.

tomk:  Unless it’s part of some grander scheme hatched by the greatest long term tactician to ever be an Avenger.

jimmy:  Stingray?

tomk:  He’s even better than Stingray.

jimmy:  Stingray 2?!?

tomk:  At least you didn’t say Rage.

jimmy:  Stingrage?

tomk:  Judges?

jimmy:  Nice.

But this is a super hero cartoon, so yes, entirely possible Black Panther returns.

tomk:  And he’ll do it in a way you least suspect, like using your secret donut stash to trick a Kree robot or Hank into taking his place.

jimmy:  Or, they do have teleporters…

tomk:  That might be for later.

jimmy:  There might not be a later for the crew that went to Kree space.

tomk:  They got Thor and Carol. They’ll be fine.

jimmy:  They had them before the wormhole, how well did that work out?

tomk:  They won, didn’t they?

jimmy:  You define that as winning?

tomk:  The sun is still there. The Kree are gone for now. They actually had a scenario where Hawkeye has to save the day. The only downside is someone thought this was a horror movie, so the black guy had to die first.

jimmy:  Heh.  Interesting comparison.  And I guess it was a “battle, not the war” type of situation.

tomk:  The war isn’t over yet.

Besides, heroes can do a lot with a little. Like the time Spider-Man beat Electro with a lighter.

jimmy:  Too bad Spidey gave up smoking and doesn’t have a lighter on him now every time he fights Electro.

tomk:  In that issue, he had to borrow that lighter.

jimmy:  Right.  “Borrow”.

tomk:  Literally the previous page:

jimmy:  You could have just drawn, inked, colored and lettered that yourself.

tomk:  That quickly?

jimmy:  It’s the Internet. Maybe it’s been weeks between messages.

tomk:  Jimmy, that doesn’t seem right.

jimmy:  Fine. You’re not some super-talented comic book artist. You happy?

tomk:  I don’t like taking credit for other people’s work. Especially Peter David on the Joe Fixit miniseries that you would need to work into the Spider-Man Chronology.

jimmy:  Yeah, David’s been doing a lot of that lately with that series and Symbiote Spider-Man.

tomk:  And do you know what he had nothing to do with?  Operation Galactic Storm.

jimmy:  Doesn’t surprise me. He’s never been much into the galactic stuff that I can think of.

Though he did write a lot of Trek.

tomk:  And the Genis-Vell Captain Marvel series.

jimmy:  Right.

tomk:  The one where he famously won a bet against Bill Jemas.

jimmy:  Oh?

tomk:  Yes. The Captain Marvel sales weren’t great, and Jemas, then president of Marvel, thought he could write a more successful series. They made a bet on it if I remember right, and David won in part because Jemas’s series was, well, this:

I’d tell you what it was about, but this might be a better time for you to look it up. Mostly because I am not sure how to explain it.

jimmy:  I haven’t read it, but I’ve seen the covers…

tomk:  I’ve seen summaries. It’s awful with covers that have nothing to do with the interior of the issues.

jimmy:  I always mix it up with the equally well received Trouble mini-series. And the less we say about that, the better.

tomk:  All I will say in Trouble’s favor is it has a coherent plot. It’s still awful, but you can follow the story. Much like this cartoon’s Mar-Vell plot, only the cartoon isn’t awful.

jimmy:  It is not.

tomk:  And maybe Mar-Vell will learn the rest of the Kree will never appreciate humans like he does.

jimmy:  Humans are so insignificant to them, they don’t even care about destroying the sun and eventually all life on Earth.

tomk:  Even puppies?  I knew the Kree were no good!

jimmy:  Especially puppies!

tomk:  Mar-Vell’s people suck.

jimmy:  If only they’d use that technology for good instead of evil.

tomk:  What technology?  The puppy-killing wormhole tech?

jimmy:  Yeah.

tomk:  I don’t want puppy-killing tech anywhere in my solar system.

jimmy:  But used for good, it wouldn’t be puppy-killing.

tomk:  I have my doubts. The Kree suck.

jimmy:  That’s true. And now there’s a lot more of them to deal with.

tomk:  What?  Like a whole planet of them with Ronan back on Earth?

jimmy:  Like that.

tomk:  Well, the Avengers have Thor and Carol.

I feel like I have said that before.

jimmy:  Which is all they need according to you.

tomk:  What?  You think they are going to lose?

jimmy:  The series is almost over. Maybe they go out in a blaze of glory.

tomk:  We could find out.

jimmy:  That’s probably a good idea.

tomk:  Yeah. Then you can see what happens when T’Challa’s ghost returns to lead the Avengers.

jimmy:  Not bad!

tomk:  Or something else happens.

jimmy:  Not bad!

tomk:  It could even be something bad.

jimmy:  Not good!

tomk:  Wanna find out?

jimmy:  We can’t try to segue anymore.

tomk:  True. OK.  Time for the penultimate episode.

NEXT:  Tom and Jimmy have two more episodes to go.  Be back soon as they finish off The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes with the episodes “Live Kree or Die” and “Avengers Assemble!”