July 22, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: Eternals #9 (January, 2022)

Thanos, now leader of the Eternals, attacks the Deviant City where the heroic Eternals are hiding.

This series has been playing with the idea that Eternals are completely incapable of change.  That’s a problem when they need to.

Issue:  Eternals #9, January 2022

Writer:  Kieron Gillen

Artists:  Esad Ribic and Guiu Vilanova

The Plot:  Thanos attacks Lemuria to get the rogue Eternals, particularly Phastos.

Commentary:  Thanos attacking anyone is bad news, and for this, he brought help in the form of Eternals specifically built and programmed to kill Deviants.  The Watch is mostly not even used all that much because they are, even among powerful Eternals, the Weapons of Mass Destruction of the Eternal world.  So, this won’t go well.  In fact, the issue makes it clear that many Deviants will die on the one hand, but on the other, they are as a people somewhat used to this.

Yeah, when Kro at the end can make a comment about Deviants dying because Eternals can’t help it, even he’s not sure if he’s being resigned or trying to make a very dark joke.

The point here is for all the rogue Eternals like Ikarus, Sersi, Thena, and Sprite opted to try hiding in the one place they figured they’d be safest to work things out away from the other Eternals, they were wrong in that Thanos doesn’t much care about collateral damage, and by the time they figure that out (and, to be fair, it isn’t very long at all into the attack), there’s already been a lot of death and destruction.  The only Deviant that Thanos spares is Thena’s current lover, mostly because everyone involved knows the guy is going to change soon, and when that happens, Thena’s promise to spare him won’t work because her Eternal programming will kick in and force the issue.

So, Thanos wins this round from the looks of things, but the Eternals are learning to be different.  Whether they can or not, they’re trying.  That may help in the long run.

Grade:  A-