November 29, 2023

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Weekend Trek “Descent Part 1”

A new breed of Borg bring out the unexpected in Data.

Jimmy and Tom have been through a few of these season-ending cliffhangers, but here, well, it’s the last one as starting with the next entry, the guys will be working on the final season.  But what do the guys think of this last cliffhanger?  See below for their chat.

“Descent Part 1”

The Borg and Data are both behaving strangely.

jimmy:  Also strange, the episode name and credits appearing before the show opening credits.

tomk:  They didn’t want you to see the alternative title, “The Data Chainsaw Massacre”.

jimmy:  Lol

tomk:  A whole army of Datas armed with chainsaws attacking the Borg. No one would want to see that.

jimmy:  Uh, right, no one.

tomk:  You do now, don’t you?

jimmy:  Hells yeah!

tomk:  Well, write the script and send it off to Brent Spiner. I am sure he won’t get very scared and get a restraining order.

jimmy:  I was bound to get one eventually.

tomk:  Besides this one from Malin Ackerman?



tomk:  To be fair, Watson got one too, but for twice the distance.

jimmy:  But that’s for everyone. Hence we have to clear out two floors at Gabbing Geek Towers whenever he doesn’t work from home.

tomk:  Then why is he standing right behind you?

jimmy:  He shouldn’t be.

tomk:  Well, good. It’s actually Lore in a Watson mask.

jimmy:  That explains a lot actually.

tomk:  That Watson was really Lore all along?

jimmy:  It wouldn’t surprise. The biggest question is, who is Data disguised as?

tomk:  Data doesn’t need to wear a disguise.

jimmy:  He turns evil right in plain sight.

tomk:  That seems odd. Random violence isn’t something that normally happens in this chat.

jimmy:  Ugh.

Next you’ll be telling me it’s extremely difficult to steal a shuttle craft and leave the ship…

tomk:  No, that was your observation about shuttlecraft that you didn’t pass along to security.

jimmy:  I put a note in the suggestion box.

tomk:  Clearly no one noticed it. You probably didn’t word it strongly enough.

jimmy:  “Dear Worf. I know you are extremely busy with your God coming back from the dead and finding a bunch of disgraced Klingons in a prison camp mated with Romulans, but if you get a chance, could you please have a look at the security protocols for checking out a shuttlecraft?  All the best, Jimmy”

tomk:  You mentioned the prison camp that was never to be spoken of again?

jimmy:  Dammit!

tomk:  I think I know why he ignored you.

jimmy:  I knew I should have run that by you first.

tomk:  Regardless, Data and his new, not-at-all suspicious pal Bob the Borg got away in one.

jimmy:  His name is Crosis, Tom.

tomk:  That sounds more like a Call of Duty username created by a teenager trying to sound edgy.

jimmy:  Maybe he was before being assimilated.

tomk:  Bob or a wannabe edgy teenager?

jimmy:  Possibly both.

tomk:  Good point. You win another award.

jimmy:  Looks like the exact facial expressions me and the Ms. would have if I did bring that lamp home.

tomk:  Just tell her she’s the only one who truly lights up your life.

jimmy:  That’ll work!  I bet that’s what Lore said to Data.  And now that he has feelings, Data probably giggled like a little girl.

tomk:  I dunno. Data only seems to have one feeling right now.

jimmy:  At least two.  He seems to take great pleasure in his anger.

tomk:  He’d even kill Geordi for more.

jimmy:  Yeah, that got pretty dark.

tomk:  The only people who really want to hurt Geordi are his exes.

jimmy:  He’s never with anyone long enough to make them that mad.

tomk:  I think you might be angling for another award. You’ll have to settle for this peanut butter infused brownie with a scoop of ice cream and a bottle of root beer.

jimmy:  That’s…awesome.  Maybe I should share with Data.  Might bring him back from the dark side.

tomk:  Or he will murder you and take the whole thing.

jimmy:  Hmm…I better eat this while I rethink that plan.

tomk:  If you insist.

jimmy:  Better safe than sorry.

tomk:  Do you need seconds to help you think?

jimmy:  I might.

tomk:  Good thing there’s extra.

jimmy:  Better hand them over before the next Borg strike.

tomk:  Just don’t eat the one filled with a laxative. I’m saving that for someone who deserves it.

jimmy:  Gotcha.  Like Lore?

tomk:  Let’s see how fully functional he really is.

jimmy:  Oh dear…

tomk:  I figured you’d just give it to Watson.

jimmy:  Potato. Potato.

tomk:  Yes, but Lore did something with the Borg. Or to them.

jimmy:  Lore did or Hugh did?

tomk:  Did that seem like something Hugh would do?

jimmy:  Intentionally, no.

tomk:  Well, I don’t see him in that Borg crowd.

jimmy:  Yet.

tomk:  Were you looking that closely?

jimmy:  No.

tomk:  Well, who knows?  I would hope Hugh would know better than to hang around that Lore guy.

jimmy:  He might have thought he was Data, like Picard. But Troi knew the difference because reasons.

tomk:  Troi can even sense artificial feelings.

jimmy:  Apparently.

tomk:  She also knows Lore walks with extra swagger.

jimmy:  Data’s still working on his.

tomk:  Data has his own swagger.

jimmy:  Indeed.

tomk:  And your swagger is just so polite.

jimmy:  I am Canadian.

tomk:  I didn’t think anyone could say “excuse me” while swaggering.

jimmy:  Also “I’m sorry.”

tomk:  Lore could learn a lot from you. And a whole lot of other people. A few animals. Some plants. A handful of inanimate objects.

jimmy:  He only likes to learn from jerks.

tomk:  That explains a few things.

jimmy:  And now Data is learning from him.

tomk:  It’s jerks all the way down.

jimmy:  Wait until part two.

tomk:  You mean the first episode of the final season?

jimmy:  Yeah, that’s gonna be a Lore/Borg/Data for a good portion jerkfest.

tomk:  What if some of them stopped being jerks?

jimmy:  I’m sure Data will. And possibly the Borg. I’m not holding my breath on Lore.

tomk:  Lore might. He doesn’t breathe.

jimmy:  No?  Data does.

tomk:  Well, if he wants to.

Lore did survive the vacuum of space.

jimmy:  Is space that dirty?

tomk:  Ugh. Judges?

jimmy:  Yeah, that was weak. Sorry.

tomk:  I guess I can forgive that. I better check with Watson-Lore.

jimmy:  He’s busy manipulating the Borg in the common area.

tomk:  Oh. Well then, shall we slip out the back to the next episode?

jimmy:  And see if Data can get his groove back?

tomk:  Or get a better one.

jimmy:  Better is good.

tomk:  Shall we see if he does as we head into the final season?

jimmy:  It being the final season makes me sad, but let’s go!

tomk:  Making it so.

Next:  “Descent Part 2”