March 2, 2024

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The X-Files “Memento Mori”

Scully goes for cancer treatment for one whole episode.

You know, I watched this episode when it was new and didn’t quite know what was going on.  Then I watched it again something like thirty years later, and I still didn’t quite get what was going on.

The Case:  Scully’s Cancer!

The Rest:  So, Scully started to show signs of cancer, then took an episode off to date a guy with a psychotic tattoo, and then the cancer thing came back.  That was weird.  Or just a scheduling fluke.  I don’t know.

Here’s the thing:  Scully goes off to get tests that reveal that, yes, she has cancer.  She kinda knew this was coming thanks to meeting that survivor’s group.  I didn’t mention that meeting before, but it happened then.  Other women who had implants met to discuss how they all had cancer and just recognized Scully because…because everyone knows more about what’s going on than Mulder and Scully I guess.   So, naturally, once diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, Scully’s first instinct is to not get treatment but instead find that support group.  Only all but one of them is dead, and despite knowing that the others didn’t survive, Scully opts to use their same doctor to begin treatments.

The thing is, by episode’s end, she’s, I guess, not getting any more treatment because that sweet woman who was the last survivor finally died.  There’s no real resolution to Scully’s cancer one way or the other.  I suppose it could be a running plot for the next however-many episodes, but I somehow doubt too many of the monster-of-the-week episodes will deal much with that idea.

Meanwhile, even as Scully is getting standard treatments for cancer, Mulder decides to look into things, dealing with clones, getting evidence of the colonization or the hybridization or whatever it still happening, getting an ova that came from Scully, and even getting the Lone Gunmen to help him break into a lab where he’s nearly killed by a guy who gives up as soon as Mulder slips through a door.  Mulder even asks Skinner for helping finding the Smoking Man, assuming he can make a deal with the Smoking Man to save Scully.  Skinner advises against it because the Smoking Man is a dangerous guy to owe favors to, but then later Skinner asks the Smoking Man himself, and the Smoking Man just gives an ambiguous “I’ll see what I can do” sort of answer without promising anything.

And then, by episode’s end, even though the cancer has not been cured, the status quo seems to reset and the agents can go on to some other weird thing.

Up next, some other weird thing.  Like, a golem or something.