July 19, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: Batman–One Bad Day: Catwoman #1 (January, 2023)

Selina Kyle wants to steal something that meant something to her family. Maybe.

OK, Catwoman got a “One Bad Day” even though she really isn’t a Batman foe these days.  Or at least she wasn’t last I checked.  Her situation is probably referred to as “It’s complicated” on social media.

Regardless, she got one.

Issue:  Batman–One Bad Day: Catwoman #1, January 2023

Writer:  G. Willow Wilson

Artist:  Jamie McKelvie

The Plot:  Catwoman is out to steal something of her mother’s that may be far more valuable than anyone thought.

Commentary:  So, of the various “One Bad Day” special issues, this one was the most, let’s say, unique.  The Riddler’s was something of an origin story.  Bane’s told how what should have been his best day actually ruined his life.  Two-Face’s was just kinda meh.  Ra’s al-Ghul’s presented a story where Ra’s was arguably the good guy.  What do they do with Catwoman?

Well, arguably, the “One Bad Day” is something from her childhood where her desperate mother had to pawn something that may or may not be super valuable.  The issue actually makes it kinda vague.  And that may be the point.  There’s an antagonist, but said villain (if she is a villain) isn’t caught or the plotline there even resolved.  So, if I was looking for answers, I don’t think I got any.

That said, I don’t think that’s the point here.  G. Willow Wilson is using this story to basically explore Selina Kyle, her world, and her relationships, particularly to her younger sister and to Bruce/Batman.  Selina arguably doesn’t get very far here, and arguably ending about where she started in many ways aside from the decision to give her sister a call and talk to her in part because said sister has a very different recollection of the “one bad day”.  Anyone looking for an exciting story full of action and a clear resolution will probably be disappointed.  Anyone looking for a character study into what makes Catwoman and her view of the world work the way it does will probably be a lot happier.

I know I was.

Grade:  A-