July 22, 2024

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Titans “Project Starfire”

Season Four, Episode Eleven

Wait, did this show just do an episode where a Robin I don’t much care for one way or the other teams up with one I thought was rather cool?

I see what you are up to here, Titans.

Actually, much like with the Doom Patrol appearance in the previous two episodes, the guest star I was more invested in doesn’t seem to do much.  Dick sends Tim to Gotham to meet someone, Tim finally in the Robin costume, and when he arrives there, he runs into the Red Hood/Jason Todd.  For part of the episode, Jason gives Tim some training, there’s a fight with some gang members, and then Tim heads back to Metropolis, followed by Jason’s calling Dick to basically say the whole thing was planned as a way for Jason to train Tim for a bit.

So…how should I feel about this?

Well, the rest of the episode feels like standard Titans where it turns out Conner was just pretending to be evil to see if he could beat Sebastian by himself, and Dick and Kory are both pretty quick to forgive him.  There’s some metaweapon Starfire can charge up that can maybe take out Sebastian, and that reminds me of how often this show will have some Titans getting involved in a fight while the others kinda stand around at a different location.  That means Rachel and Gar are mostly standing around, both when Kory and Conner charge the orb and later when Conner goes to toss the bomb at Sebastian after that guy killed his no-good mother.  And this time, I think it’s gonna stick.

By the by, Mother Mayhem called a young woman that Sebastian had a thing for to get her help, and I thought it was gonna be some kinda honeypot lure or something, but then Mama just pulls her heart out of her chest, and I can honestly say I did not see that coming.  For that, good work, Titans.

But as for the Conner/Kory stuff, I can’t say I was all that surprised.  Of course Sebastian survived the blast.  He even gets up wearing his costume, a set of clothes he wasn’t wearing before.  There’s still an episode left.  I was, let’s say, mostly unsurprised.

That said, I was maybe invested in the return of Jason Todd, however briefly.  Dick Grayson on this show is rather bland.  Tim Drake is a character that I, for the life of me, have no idea why the Titans took him along.  He didn’t really seem all that impressive.  But Jason?  Jason was interesting.  Dick can tell Conner that the Titans work on the dark side, but that doesn’t seem likely.  Jason actually does that stuff.  The others?  Not so much.

But, again, much like I have long observed with this show, I am always more interested in guests than the main cast.  That includes characters like Jason and Donna who started off as guests and became regulars.  So, really, it may be all for the best.

And where the hell is Krypto?