June 20, 2024

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Weekend Trek “Timescape”

Picard, Data, Troi, and Geordi discover time is working strangely on the Enterprise.

Troi hasn’t had a whole lot to do the past couple episodes, with some episodes actually cutting all her scenes out for one reason or another.  Well, for “Timescape,” she’s one of four members of the crew left mostly unaffected by some temporal craziness.

Jimmy and Tom have some thoughts on the episode below.


Picard, Data, Geordi, and Troi return to find the Enterprise and a Romulan warbird frozen in time in what looks like the middle of a battle.

jimmy:  When did they get such a roomy runabout?

tomk:  That’s the deluxe model.

jimmy:  It sure is.

tomk:  It comes with a decorative fruit bowl.

jimmy:  Decorative would have been easier on Picard’s nails.

tomk:  Next time, they’ll invest in wax fruit.

jimmy:  What’s interesting about that scene, when Picard walks in the room, if you look closely, you can see his hand already has the super long nails as he types on the touch screen.  It cuts to a shot of a normal hand as he reaches for the fruit, then back to Picard for the long nails reaction shot.  Not to mention his nails are back to normal 2 seconds later in the following scene.

tomk:  That is good attention to detail coming from you, Jimmy.

jimmy:  Are you saying I don’t usually pay attention to detail?

tomk:  No, just sometimes that level is scary.

jimmy:  It was a little obvious.

tomk:  Ok, fine. You can have another award.

jimmy:  Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence?

tomk:  No. It’s Chewbacca’s medal from Episode Four.

jimmy:  I would give it back to him soon as I clear these time distortions.

tomk:  It only looks frozen.

jimmy:  It’s actually moving super slowly, which Picard found hilarious.

tomk:  Nearly frozen time does strange things to the psyche.

jimmy:  Too bad. You could get so much done.

tomk:  You could make progress on your List.

jimmy:  Right?!?

tomk:  You might find the rest of Young Justice.

jimmy:  Right?!?

tomk:  And when you find the guy who took Young Justice off Netflix Canada, you can use him to plug the warp core breach.

jimmy:  I’d like to.

tomk:  Then you either better find a way to slow down time or learn about how good it is to offer forgiveness to one’s enemies. And since this is you, you can make the obvious Watson joke now.

jimmy:  I’d rather learn to slow down time.

tomk:  It might make you crazy.

jimmy:  But it might not.

tomk:  Also,the Gabbing Geek boiler might explode in the basement.

jimmy:  Man, controlling time is tough.

tomk:  Who said you were controlling time?

jimmy:  I’m trying.

tomk:  Well, stop. You might hurt yourself.

jimmy:  Probably.

tomk:  An injured Jimmy is not a fun Jimmy.

jimmy:  I can be whiney.

tomk:  Regardless, hey, Troi was useful.  But that was because she was the only one who knew the layout for a Romulan ship.

jimmy:  I expected her to not be affected at all when it started.

tomk:  She did better than Geordi.  He got zapped by a fake Romulan.

jimmy:  Worse than getting zapped by a real Romulan, like Crusher.

tomk:  That was all an illusion.

jimmy:  Lucky for her.

tomk:  And for that Romulan who now doesn’t have to face Picard’s wrath.

jimmy:  Not nearly as bad as Khan’s.

tomk:  You want Picard to get mad at you?

jimmy:  Ah, no.

tomk:  Good. He might just send Worf to talk to you.

jimmy:  You don’t want him mad at you either.

tomk:  Also bad:  Spot.

jimmy:  You definitely don’t want Spot mad at you.

tomk:  You don’t wanna know what Riker did.

jimmy:  Probably nothing. Cats are evil.

tomk:  I don’t know what you are talking about.

jimmy:  Evil.

tomk:  She’s your new supervisor and her employee evaluation is coming up soon.

jimmy:  I better get back to trying to slow down time to birth these kids.

tomk:  What kids?

jimmy:  The ones in the warp core that started this whole mess.

tomk:  Oh. Those kids. Probably playing with matches.

jimmy:  You put them as more evil than cats?

tomk:  More careless maybe. They are children.

jimmy:  Matches + warp core = bad.

tomk:  You didn’t know that before?

jimmy;  Geordi might have mentioned it. I wasn’t really paying attention.

tomk:  You were thinking about how you could mess with people mostly frozen in time, weren’t you?

jimmy:  …maybe.

tomk:  Oh Jimmy.

Now you need to go flush the warp core without the safety glasses.

jimmy:  The glasses, they do nothing.

tomk:  And now you can’t see well enough to keep out all kinds of weirdos.

jimmy:  Hopefully not well enough to see that video.

tomk:  I’m sure your hearing is still fine.

jimmy:  Unforunately.

tomk:  Look on the bright side.

jimmy:  Of life?

tomk:  Of course.

jimmy whistles

tomk:  Feel better?

jimmy:  Yes.

And I guess the whole “time moving very slowly and not frozen” thing explains how you could see people moving as the unaffected walked around the ships.

tomk:  You mean the aliens who lived in a different kind of temporal flow?

jimmy:  I mean the people who were supposedly “frozen” but were obviously just trying to stay as still as possible to not ruin the shot.

tomk:  So, extras need to breathe?

jimmy:  Apparently.

tomk:  Good for them.

jimmy:  I guess we’ll allow it.

tomk:  Good. Any other observations?

jimmy:  When Data goes away, don’t offer to feed Spot?

tomk:  Spot is the ship’s last line of defense.

jimmy:  Maybe he’s a Flerken.

tomk:  If he is, Riker got off lucky.

jimmy:  Indeed. Ask Fury.

tomk:  Or anyone swallowed by a Flerken.

jimmy:  Well, you can’t really ask those guys.

tomk:  That’s the point.

jimmy:  And that cats are evil.

tomk:  Flerkens aren’t cats.

And Cats is evil.

jimmy:  That we agree on.

tomk:  Do we agree that it may be time to move on to the last season-ending cliffhanger?

jimmy:  We do.

tomk:  Good. The Borg are back.

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