February 27, 2024

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Titans “Game Over”

Season Four, Episode Ten

OK, so…it’s about time Cyborg showed up.  Granted, he’s not really in the episode as much as I might like, but he’s here.

So, here’s an idea:  maybe, if you know your enemy well enough, you can offer him what he wants and see if that keeps him from doing something evil.  Sebastian, the Brother Blood, doesn’t want to summon Trigon.  He wants to design a video game that everyone will play in one big community.  Why not just, I dunno, offer him the chance to do that?  That’s Conner’s brilliant idea.  In fact, it even seems to be working.  That’s outright brilliant.

Of course, Conner is part Luther now because no one in a superhero universe understands how genetics works, so his plan is to wait until Sebastian is distracted and then destroy the Horn of Badness, or whatever it’s called, and that’s also smart.  OK, it doesn’t work.  Plus, Sebastian is using his game to put a magical whammy on anyone who plays it, including Tim’s boyfriend Bernard.  In the name of science or something, that moron logged into the game.

I haven’t been all that impressed with Tim on this show, and I have been even less impressed by Bernard.

However, what about characters I am impressed by?  I mean, the Doom Patrol is here!

Um, sort of.  This isn’t the same universe as the Doom Patrol TV show, so even if it is the same actors playing Vic, Larry, and Cliff, that doesn’t mean they’re the same characters.  Cliff is mostly the same, but I don’t think the Titans writers have the same knack for weird as the writers of Doom Patrol.  Then again, for all I know, they’re the same people.  Point is, Cliff is closest, but Larry is kinda cheerful and Vic is, well, mad.

That would fit in fine with the Titans universe, but I am used to this same character in the Doom Patrol universe being less moody.

As it is, the Red has trapped Gar, Vic, Larry, Cliff, and for some reason Kory in Doom Manor, and Gar does come up with a plan that gets himself and Kory out, but…what happened to the others?  Did they escape as well?  I don’t know!  The show doesn’t say.

Man, that is gonna haunt me.  I mean, as clever as “give the bad guy a job” was, the script doesn’t quite say what happened to the Doom Patrol, characters I (sort of considering they aren’t really the ones I am familiar with) care about.

But hey, Vic and Gar bonded a bit in the end.