December 5, 2023

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The X-Files “Tungusta”

They got a rock.

Crap.  Krycek is back.  Nobody likes that guy.  Heck, I wanna pop him one, and I know he’s a fictional character.

The Case:  A Rock!

The Rest:  OK, it is technically a Martian rock that apparently has a liquid alien lifeform inside of it, but it comes down to Mulder getting a tip about a militia, he and Scully raiding the place with some other agents, only to find out it was Krycek who called in the tip.


Anyway, Krycek has by now figured out he exists so other characters can smack him around, and he’s saying that Scully and Mulder need to stop a diplomatic courier or else he won’t tell them where the other militia guys put a bomb.  Is this the same courier who threw a fit when airport security insisted on a random bag check or what turned out to be that alien sludge that possesses human bodies?

OK, that courier was being a bit of an ass while the security were also being a bit of an ass like so many airport security agents in fiction often are, so nothing of value was lost.

But no, apparently there’s another guy coming through, and the agents don’t catch him, but they do have the courier pouch.  It has a rock in it.

Some scientist says it’s from Mars.  Can he take a core sample?  Sure!  Will he also find that alien sludge that may or may not kill him?  Also sure!

Anyway, Krycek says the rock came from Russia, particularly the location of the Tungusta Blast, a real world phenomena that has never quite been explained because it was a big explosion in the middle of nowhere back in 1909.  I think most scientists think it was a comet hit Siberia, but I don’t know.  Likewise, this is The X-Files, so there’s more to it than that.

Mostly in that Mulder goes to Russia while Scully stays behind.  See, the agents took Krycek to Skinner’s place to get a safe house.  That just meant it was a very buff Skinner’s turn to pop Krycek one and then handcuff him to a balcony.  Did they wake Skinner’s wife?  Apparently not.  Did Mulder mention a rock?  No, but he did bring up the bomb.  And will Krycek fend off an assassination attempt from the Smoking Man by knocking some jerk off the balcony?  Absolutely.

Oh, and Mulder foolishly took Krycek to Russia since Krycek speaks Russian.  All that means is when the pair are captured, Krycek can talk his way out of trouble and leave Mulder behind to have more alien goo dripped on him with other prisoners that night.  Meanwhile, Scully is stonewalling Congress and might go to an American prison.

I think she’ll be better off.

Up next, she may be better off.