February 24, 2024

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Slightly Misplaced Comic Book Characters Case File #434: Ayesha


OK, so I have been doing a series here where I go through the various Guardians of the Galaxy and discuss how their comic book inspirations differ greatly from their MCU counterparts.  A certain amount of adaptation is to be expected, but the Guardians arguably showed even more diversion from their comic book originals than most MCU characters.

I am taking a very slight detour this time around with Ayesha.  Yes, she did appear in the movies, but she wasn’t a Guardian.  Plus, the comic book version of her has had a dozen or so names.  Heck, I put a different one on the banner image here than I did in the article’s title this time around.

The character known today as Ayesha, first appearing in The Incredible Hulk Annual #6 from writers Len Wein and David Kraft and artist Herb Trimpe in 1977, originally went by Paragon.  She was basically the Enclave’s second attempt to create an artificial being.  So, yes, she was a female version of Adam Warlock, and it wasn’t long before she was going by the name Her.  Yes, similar vaguely defined powers and all.  Regardless, she also rebelled, but she then opted to find Warlock and mate with him.  Small problem there:  he was dead.  She did resurrect him, but without his mind or soul, and those are kinda important, so she put the body down again and went off on her merry little way.

From there, Her went around doing cosmic stuff, angering the alien Constortium, a group powerful enough that she needed the help of both the Avengers and Alpha Flight to prevail.  It wasn’t long before Adam Warlock returned from the dead, but when she propositioned him, he rejected her advances.  Depressed, she opted to have superhuman men compete for her love with these reproductive pods she attached to the men, using a group that included Hercules, Quicksilver, Hyperion, and Gilgamesh.  Quasar was one of them, but he was a bit different in that he didn’t remove his reproduction pod.

OK, hold on:  the men were the ones wearing the reproduction pods?  I think there’s a fetish for that.  Anyway, that doesn’t explain the panels below:

Her would partner a bit with Quasar from there, eventually changing her name to Kismet.  For what it is worth, the character’s Wikipedia entry goes by “Kismet,” but there’s an even lesser-known DC character by that name, and if you think she’s coming up next week…um, probably not.  I don’t think DC’s Kismet has enough out there to warrant one of these.  But I may change my mind.

Regardless, Kismet would actually meet up with some of those Enclave guys during a rescue, and after wrapping them in cocoons much like the ones she and Adam Warlock both use, they turned into more people like her.  Or Her.

Oh, and from there, she eventually changed her name to Ayesha, the name she goes by in two of the three Guardians of the Galaxy movies, as played by actress Elizabeth Debicki.

So, I guess “Ayseha” is as good a name as any for the title of this article.  Just apparently not the banner image.