March 2, 2024

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Weekend Trek “Suspicions”

Dr. Crusher looks into a possible murder.

Hey, a Dr. Crusher episode!  She must be looking into something like a scientific experiment or a medical emergency or…wait, she’s looking into the possible murder of a Ferengi scientist?

Well, that was unexpected.  Jimmy and Tom have some thoughts on all that below.


Dr. Crusher suspects foul play when a Ferengi scientist is found dead.

jimmy:  Well, we haven’t seen Guinan in a long time.

tomk:  She had to step in at a moment when she realized Troi wasn’t going to be helpful.

jimmy:  So, every episode?

tomk:  Well, there was this time…or that other time when…or maybe…um, she was useful in Picard season three!

jimmy:  Arguably.

I’m surprised she showed up at all. And when she did she got cut off mid-sentence.

tomk:  Troi or Guinan?

jimmy:  Troi. Though I was surprised Guinan showed up. I figured she was done.

tomk:  Guinan is done when she says she’s done.

jimmy:  She’s done playing tennis.

tomk:  Also, she’s not starting.

jimmy:  She’s a sneaky one.

tomk:  But she didn’t find a murderer.  That was up to Crusher.  Because Worf was apparently having an off-day as chief of secuirty.

jimmy:  In fairness to Worf, it did seem like a crackpot theory.

tomk:  Look, there are other bad guys you call Worf out for.  All kinds of nasty killers.

Plus, some smarter baddies than that.

jimmy:  Haha, what is that from?

tomk:  The Critic.

jimmy:  Ah. I don’t remember that. No surprise.

tomk:  Did you remember how weird it was that there was a Ferengi scientist?

jimmy:  I did. But there obviously has to be other types of Ferengi. Doctors, starship builders, candlestick makers.

tomk:  Rom.

Brilliant engineer, but considered an idiot because he wasn’t good at producing profit.

jimmy:  The space knight?


jimmy:  I’d prefer the space knight.

tomk:  You’d probably prefer that Rom’s wife.

jimmy:  Yes. That will do nicely.

tomk:  She’s not coming along with a Space Knight.

jimmy:  Fine. Bring the Ferengi.

tomk:  He’s on another show.

jimmy:  So who are you going to bring?  That guy that can fake his own death and somehow escape from the morgue?

tomk:  What?  The obvious suspect since no one really knew anything about him and he just showed up?

jimmy:  Yeah. That guy. You know, I suspected he was the saboteur from the start, but didn’t think he was still alive.

tomk:  You didn’t think it was bears?

jimmy:  There’s no bears on the Enterprise, Tom.

tomk:  Not even Ensign Care Bear?

jimmy:  Is she really a bear?  Or an Ensign?

tomk:  She’s a bear at the rank of ensign.

jimmy:  Looks like you’ve got all the bases covered.

tomk:  Or Ensign Care Bear does.

jimmy:  I still don’t think she murdered anyone.

tomk:  Good point.

jimmy:  And where was security to keep the “dead” guy from roaming the ship and conveniently stowing away on the shuttlecraft before Crusher took it without permission?

tomk:  Worf is an ass-kicker, not a detective.

jimmy:  Fair, but no one noticed the dead guy leave the morgue and go to the cargo bay…or Crusher launch the shuttle without authorization, even disabling the remote control functionality?  I mean, really, it should be impossible to get off the ship without permission.

tomk:  People seem to do it all the time.

jimmy:  Even more reason protocols should be in place.

tomk:  You sure do have a lot of good ideas.

jimmy:  They’re all in my newsletter.

tomk:  You just need to pass them along to the right people.

Lt. Impossible, report to the bridge.

jimmy:  On my way, Captain.

tomk:  Now give your ideas to Worf without pissing him off by making him think you find the ship’s security protocols are inadequate.

jimmy:  I’ll jot them on this post it note and sign it Watson.

tomk:  Oh, but you could just make friends with the captain. That’s actually rather easy.

jimmy:  But I don’t have any money.

tomk:  Fine.  Here’s five bucks.

jimmy:  Thanks!  Now I just need to travel back in time 9 years and me and Patrick Stewart can become BFFs!

tomk:  Are you sure that offer isn’t still valid?

jimmy:  …I don’t!

tomk:  And if you take some sort of subspace invention that could allow someone to fly closer to a star, Beverly might also be your new friend.

jimmy:  Btw, they were awfully quick to exonerate Crusher. I mean, she disintegrated the guy, so who’s to say she didn’t take the body from the morgue, bring it on board and phaser his corpse?

tomk:  What?  You mean just taking her at her word despite a complete lack of evidence?

jimmy:  Exactly. Which they didn’t do the first 39 minutes of the show.

tomk:  She had to interrogate that Vulcan and the Klingon scientist.

jimmy:  I assume the Klingon is up on some soft of assault and battery charge now.

tomk:  Only if Crusher presses charges and doesn’t talk about goading her into action.

jimmy:  Oh, that Crusher.

tomk:  She probably thought her parenting skills that she developed with Wesley were sufficient. And look how he turned out.

jimmy:  #evilwesley


He probably killed that Ferengi.

jimmy:  Probably?

tomk:  Indirectly. Mr Green Genes confessed to the crime.

jimmy:  I think that might be explainable…

tomk:  Hmm.  That does explain why any alien would let someone blast a hole through their torso on a shuttlecraft flying through a star.

jimmy:  It does?  Hmph. I mean, it does!

tomk:  I mean, you’d have to be drunk to do something that dangerous. One bad blast and th3 shuttle’s shields might turn off or you blow up something important.

jimmy:  Sounds more like Crusher was drunk.

tomk:  Well, her stunt double sure smacked that guy around.

jimmy:  That obvious hey?

tomk:  Unless it was Troi in a wig.

jimmy:  Certainly not.

tomk:  Well, it wasn’t Watson in a wig.

jimmy:  That would probably break several decency laws.

tomk:  Even in space?

jimmy:  Especially in space.

tomk:  And especially Bart.

jimmy:  Is this the last we see of Guinan?

tomk:  Well, she is in one of the movies.

jimmy:  But last of her in the show?

tomk:  Looks like.

jimmy:  Seems odd she was never given any kind of proper send off.

tomk:  They may not have known this would be her last appearance at the time, outside a couple movie appearances.

jimmy:  That’s my thought. They got her when they got her.

tomk:  That or Troi finally got good at her job, so they didn’t need Guinan anymore.

jimmy:  Probably not that.

tomk:  Well, it may just be one of those things.  Crusher did some science, solved a murder, and no one held it against her when she violated Ferengi burial rituals.

Meanwhile, Guinan faked an injury to allow Beverly to fix problems after her extended flashback.

jimmy:  All back to status quo by the end.

tomk:  Funny how that happens.  What could possibly shake things up on a show like this?

jimmy:  Is that a segue?

tomk:  It could be.

I mean, I could just say there’s a Worf episode up next.

jimmy:  Also a segue.

tomk:  What if Worf does something that changes the whole Klingon Empire?

jimmy:  That’s unpossible.

tomk:  Why not?  Worf, with Picard, is the reason Gowron is the chancelor.



jimmy:  Guess we better see what Worf did do.

tomk:  Nothing major. Just meet Klingon Jesus.

Next:  “Rightful Heir”