September 29, 2023

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The X-Files “Herrenvolk”

The bees! Not the bees!

Hey, the cold open is set in Canada!  The series didn’t have to pretend to be filming in America for once!

The Case:  Um, The Bees?

The Rest:  So, uh, what?

OK, here’s the thing:  the Alien Bounty Hunter is here, and Mulder does stab him in the back of the neck with the weapon that supposedly kills aliens.  But it doesn’t kill him.  He gets up and threatens Scully before realizing she doesn’t know squat.

So Mulder and Alien Jesus go to Canada and find a farm where a lot of identical young boys and girls raise crops and tend the bees, the bees with the killer stings that pop up from time to time on this show.  The girls all look like Samantha, but she doesn’t talk and Mulder opts to take one home.  Why?  I dunno.  Maybe because he’s an idiot.

I mean, Scully is finding genetic markers in everybody’s smallpox scars, blowing off Mr. X, and generally getting what she can done without offering a crazy theory on why beyond what her knowledge of science can prove.  Skinner wants to know what it all means.  She doesn’t know, and she won’t pretend to claim anything more than what she can.

That’s why Scully is awesome.  Granted, this is also the show spinning its wheels with mysteries it doesn’t intend to answer anytime soon, but the point stands.  Scully finds what she can and doesn’t offer wild speculation.  That’s Mulder’s job, and he’s off trying to come back with a little girl who can’t possibly be his lost sister.

He’s also hiding in the Deadly Bees’ deadly beehives, after splashing himself with gasoline, and leaving the Bounty Hunter in there to get stung.  But the Bounty Hunter’s fine.  He comes back, knocks out Mulder, and (probably) kills Alien Jesus.  But the Smoking Man wants Mama Mulder to live, and it turns out the Alien Bounty Hunter can also heal.  Why does the Smoking Man want Mama Mulder to live?  He says something about how it will keep Mulder in check while it’s also clear he’s smitten with Mama Mulder.

Oh, and X died, writing some random letters with his dying blood, but Mulder already has a new informer, a woman who works for the UN named Marita Covarrubias.  Hey, that actress was the Crimson Countess over on The Boys, so she’s clearly someone who has put a lot of work into genre TV and movies.  So, good for her.  She also seems much nicer than X.

Well, most people seem nicer than X.

Up next, inbred hillbillies.