September 29, 2023

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Wednesday “Quid Pro Woe”

Season One, Episode Six

OK, so, I watch these episodes but do write-ups with Wikipedia open, mostly to get spellings right on character names, but last time I said there were two episodes left and the mayor died.  That was…well, this episode.  I was wondering if I was distracted and missed the mayor’s death.  But that’s on me.

What’s on this show is these terrible “woe” puns in every episode title.

Apparently, it’s Wednesday’s 16th birthday…and yeah, I guess Jenna Ortega could pass for sixteen if I squint and tilt my head.  That means people trying to do nice things for her, but she’d prefer flashbacks to childhood birthday parties that mostly dealt with freaking out the normies.  Why did they go to her birthday party?  I don’t know.  Enid gives her a hand-knitted head scarf to match her own in everything but color.  There’s a taxidermy kit from her parents.  And Thing helped arrange a surprise party in a crypt.

He sure did look cute in that party hat perched on his wrist.

But here’s the thing:  this is the point of the series when Wednesday, theoretically, hits her lowest point.

That means that, even as she finds clues in an abandoned house, the house of the young man Morticia killed and whose remaining family disappeared…except for a kid sister who may be back…she has other problems.  The monster attacks her and Enid.  Tyler is missing but found injured.  About the only thing I can say for certain is Enid isn’t the monster, but Wednesday used Tyler’s desire for a date and Enid’s general cheerfulness to put her own personal Scooby Doo gang together.

About all this means is, since the monster nearly killed Wesdnesday and Enid, injured Tyler, and did so while Wednesday was confined to school grounds, just about everybody comes down on her.

Sheriff Gilpin doesn’t want Wednesday looking into the case or spending time with his son.

Principal Weems almost tossed Wednesday out (and Enid) but Wednesday has some evidence of bad things coming that she will need to handle.

Enid of all people finally tells her manipulative roommate off for being a terrible friend, possibly because Wednesday has both never had a friend before and doesn’t treat other people well either.

And maybe telling off Christina Ricci’s character was out of bounds even if there were a lot of lines in that moment that held a double-meaning.

Plus, most of the evidence in the old house was long gone by the time Wednesday came back with the Sheriff, to say nothing of the fact that the one clue Wednesday had that the mysterious Laurel Gates had returned, but the Mayor, who might have known something, was hit by a car and died later thanks to medical sabotage at the hospital.

Basically, this is bad.  That is until Wednesday finds some photographs in the hidden compartment at the bottom of a music box she swiped from the old house.  All of them show her.  Whether or not Wednesday thinks she’s better than other people or she’s manipulative, she also is not a person to let an idle threat slide.

So…she’s going to be coming down like a hammer on somebody pretty soon would be my guess.