September 29, 2023

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The X-Files “Talitha Cumi”

Mulder searches for a man with fantastic healing powers.

Well, it’s a season finale.  That means two things.  First, it’s a cliffhanger.  Second, it’s a mythology episode.  So far, those still make sense.

The Case:  Alien Jesus!

The Rest:  What does it say when a cold open, showing a guy going nuts in a fast food restaurant and ranting about how “they” are controlling his life, could have been the case by itself?  But no, it’s the older guy who steps forward and, after said gunman shoots three people and is shot himself by the police, heals everybody so nobody dies despite holes in their shirts.

So, it’s Alien Jesus.  Sure, he has a name.  He has another superpower too:  he can change his appearance but not his clothes.  That allows him to slip away.  Enter Mulder and Scully.  Or, more accurately, enter Scully since Mulder got word his mother suffered a stroke at a vacation home she hadn’t been to since she divorced Mulder’s father.

Oh, and she was talking to the Smoking Man while Mr. X serenidipidously photographed them without finding out why.  This is about the point in the series run when the show started to hint the Smoking Man is Mulder biological father because Smoking Man and Mama Mulder had a thing going on, and I know William B Davis is just an actor, he could be a really nice guy in real life, and heck, he’s still working (he had a small role in The Midnight Club recently), but man, this guy is this show’s face of evil.  Mama Mulder could have done so much better…

Anyway, that means Scully is looking into the Alien Jesus guy while Mulder is looking into some vague hint his mother gave him that eventually led to one of those small blades that can kill the aliens.  Mr. X really wants that because…um, I guess because he wants to take these aliens out one at a time.

Here’s the thing:  the Smoking Man has already captured Alien Jesus (who takes Deep Throat’s form at one point), and there’s talk that there’s more copies of this guy.  Mulder actually manages not to completely lose a fistfight with Mr. X, so he must have learned a couple tricks at some point.  And Scully just spends long hours looking at files on a computer.

It really sucks to be Scully sometimes.

Regardless, the Alien Bounty Hunter is already there, and Skinner no longer knows how to find the Smoking Man.  But when Alien Jesus shows up at Scully’s house, he says he can provide all kinds of answers on colonization, Samantha Mulder, and more, and he can maybe heal Mama Mulder…if only that darn Bounty Hunter didn’t show up with his needle weapon.

Up next, season four, and I am guess Alien Jesus won’t be able to explain much of anything to Mulder or Scully.