June 22, 2024

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Yellowjackets “Two Truths And A Lie”

Season Two, Episode Five

So, Adult Van popped up at the end of the previous episode, and now she’s got, like, stuff to do.

I think I like this character already.

So, Van grew up to be, well, a stereotypical TV lesbian character, one who is carefree and sells VHS tapes and kitschy stuff from the 80s and 90s.  And then Taissa walks into her shop and, well…

Why would Tai go to Van?  Because Van knows best how to take care of Tai’s other side.  At least, I think she does.  Or she thinks she does.  So does Tai.  If Tai is doing poorly, she seeks out Van.  I actually like that development because it does more or less follow what Tai and Van were doing in the flashbacks.  Plus, Lauren Ambrose is kinda cool in the role.  If nothing else, Yellowjackets has really exceeded whenever they needed to cast an “adult” role.

Oh, and Callie is actually being helpful to her parents since she’s not dumb and soon realized the older guy she’s sorta dating is a cop, so she on the spot makes up a story to say who her mom was screwing around with (Jeff’s best friend) and not the missing dead guy, and the domestic comedy that is Shauna’s family means the writing really works here as well as the casting does. Plus, the emasculation of Jeff continues, even if he arguably didn’t do much wrong…aside from trying to blackmail his wife in season one.

OK, maybe he did deserve at least a little of it.

And while Natalie, who had no time for Lottie in the past, is falling deeper and deeper into Lottie’s whole thing, I am inclined to note that Misty, no matter what time period, is really bad at keeping friends.

Walter?  Well, he’s weird and kinda stalkerish, but she rejects him for maybe getting too close to the truth and after accepting Natalie’s excuse at face value, flashbacks show she lost her only friend in the cabin when she, um, revealed she smashed the transmitter.  Her friend Crystal finds that unforgivable, and so, Misty accidentally killed her.  Misty really can’t read the room can she?  She has few if any social skills while being often incredibly manipulative.

See, Crystal reveals her name is actually Kristin, but the others got her name wrong and she didn’t want to correct anyone.  That does not mean it is OK to reveal what went wrong with the transmitter.  One is a silly thing.  The other is something that has probably gotten a couple more girls killed since the plane crash.

Man, I am really enjoying this show right now.