July 16, 2024

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The X-Files “Wetwired”

Scully is the paranoid one this time. And it's the TV's fault.

Actor Colin Cunningham has a small role here as a villainous doctor.  This is his third (and final) appearance on The X-Files, but he, like Amanda Tapping a couple episodes ago, was on Stargate SG-1.  I might have noticed earlier, but the only reason I remember now is a friend was a really big fan of his Stargate character for some reason.

Once again, Canadian filming leads to a lot of familiar faces for anyone who watches enough sci-fi on TV.

The Case:  TV Makes People Paranoid!

The Rest:  So, the basic premise here is a gadget was attached to people’s TV sets that makes them visualize their worst fears and make them murderously paranoid.  Now, I suppose the joke to make right away is that Mulder was immune to the effects of whatever was going on because he was already paranoid, but a normie like Scully would be a different story.

That’s not really what happened.  Turns out Mulder was (probably) immune because he was colorblind.

But yeah, a mysterious man (later revealed to be working for Mr. X) sends Mulder out on the case, and in the end, it turns out this was X’s efforts to bring down a plot by the Syndicate before he would be forced to kill the men responsible, a shifty doctor and a cable guy who wasn’t Jim Carrey.  If Mulder had just completely disregarded Scully’s life being in danger and followed the clues, he could have arrested the guys and maybe got some dirt on the Smoking Man.

Small problem as Scully thought she saw Mulder reporting to the Smoking Man.  As everything that has happened to her (save Queequeg’s untimely death) seems to be have been because the Syndicate, of course her worst paranoid fear is Mulder would be working with them.

Fortunately, Scully may be a better agent, but she is not that good a shot when the time is right.  And also fortunately that Mulder opted to go find her at her mother’s house.

In the meantime, this is like a team effort as Scully watches endless video tapes…and accidentally brainwashes herself…and Mulder finds all the clues, with an assist from the Lone Gunmen, but in the end, it is because he stopped to check on Scully in the hospital that he knew where to find the shifty doctor behind all that.  Oh, and the cable guy came over while Mulder was lurking in the bushes.

If he’d just been a little bit faster, maybe he could have busted the guys before X showed up and killed them.

Well, that’s Mulder.  He’s never going to get anywhere on time at this rate.

Up next, Mulder needs Alien Jesus to heal his mother or something.