July 20, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: Batman–One Bad Day: Two-Face #1 (September, 2022)

Harvey Dent requests help from Batman to protect Dent's father from an assassination attempt.

So, here’s the next of these One Bad Day one-shots for me.  The Riddler’s story was psychological and spooky, making him look far more dangerous than he ever had before.  Ra’s al-Ghul’s story showed him as a potential anti-hero. So, what about Two-Face?

Issue:  Batman–One Bad Day: Two-Face #1, September 2022

Writer:  Mariko Tamaki

Artist:  Javier Fernandez

The Plot:  Harvey Dent, cured of his Two-Face persona’s influence, asks Batman for help when a mystery person threatens Dent’s elderly father.

Commentary:  Well, that one wasn’t very good.

Oh, it wasn’t, like, bad or anything.  It’s just that this is the third One Bad Day one-shot for me so far, and the other two were so much better than this rather average Two-Face story.  It’s made worse by the fact that, when the big reveal came at the end, I wasn’t the slightest bit surprised about what was happening.  If anything, I was surprised that Batman didn’t figure it out.  I mean, I am being very careful not to give away an ending here, but I am not sure I can avoid that even by being this vague.

I mean, it’s freakin’ Two-Face.  If you know anything at all about the character, you know his whole deal.

As it is, Batman must have forgotten.  Harvey is walking around, his face still unfixed, trying to make sure his father isn’t killed at his 88th birthday/retirement party.  Bruce is looking into things with back-up from Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown, both of whom are apparently Batgirl these days, and Stephanie seems to get it, but Bruce, well, doesn’t.

I will say, the issue’s end implies heavily Harvey knows Batman’s true identity, and the idea that, as one of Bruce’s oldest friends, Harvey’s knowing that is a nice touch.

Oh, and what exactly was Two-Face’s one bad day?  The idea is they have a bad origin story here or something, and I kept waiting to find out Harvey Dent Sr. abused his son or something, but, well…no.  So, I have no idea, based on this issue, what Two-Face’s one bad day was.  Unless it was the day of the retirement party.

Eh, whatever.  I think Bane is up next.

Grade:  C