May 19, 2024

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Sweet Home “Episode Four”

Season One, Episode Four

I really like this show.  That said, I have to look up character names when I write these up.  I recognize different characters and know their roles in the series, but don’t ask me what their names are.

For example, there’s Seo Yi-kyung.  She’s the firefighter trapped in the building, and in the previous episode, it revealed she’d been webbed up in basement by some kind of spider-man, and not the fun kind Jimmy Impossible loves.  No, this one is more spider than man, and that’s assuming it wasn’t originally a woman.  It’s that hard to say, but it does lead to the best moment in the episode when Yi-kyung manages to escape from the webbing and flee through the air vents, the thing behind her, until she is able to escape.

Now, did I know when I selected this show as my new Friday night viewing that I would get an episode that showed an athletic young Korean woman leaping around in her underwear as she tries to escape a monster?  Nope.  Do I think there are people who have a fetish for that sort of thing?  Absolutely.  Am I one of them?  I don’t think so, but…

However, escape she does, and she may be pregnant.  Also, her fiancé may be dead.

But what I did learn is the turning into a monster is really more about the deeper, darker parts of a person taking over.  Cha Hyun-soo may be suicidal, but that was something he could push down.  Likewise, it appears that something about that person’s inner darkness will influence what sort of monster they become.  I think.  I have no idea what the guy with the long neck and the giant eyeballs dominating his head might have had as an inner demon.  Maybe he was just nosy.  Regardless, was I surprised when that nasty, abusive, and stingy convenience store owner, Kim Suk-hyun, started showing symptoms?  Not really.  But this guy has been abusing his wife, insisted openly on kicking Hyun-soo out of the building before realizing he was also showing symptoms, hoarded his goods and insisted on payment for food despite the fact that money is probably useless in this new world, and he’s even a bit vain given his hair isn’t real.  I suspect the only reason he hasn’t turned into a monster yet is because where would his body even start with his inner demons since, in his case, he may be more in need of finding his inner angels because I don’t think this guy has a single redeemable characteristic in his entire body.

Oh, and if someone changes, you have an hour to kill them before they become immortal or something.

But really, this is a fun show with a lot of weird stuff going on.  There’s even that poor woman whose baby died turning back into a monster.  And what kind of monster is Im Myung-sook?

A giant fetus in an amniotic sac from the looks of things.

So, here’s a question:  are monster automatically dangerous and evil?  Because a giant fetus that’s just pulsating in the corner doesn’t seem too dangerous.