July 19, 2024

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Comic Review: Something Is Killing The Children Volume 3

Erica Slaughter has to take out the monsters in Archer's Peak before they kill more children and before the rest of the House of Slaughter gets involved.

Why did I forget about this creepy horror series?  Is it because it actually kills children?

Well, no, but it’s more like I just forget some series sometimes.

Archer’s Peak, the small town with a family of monsters, has a problem.  The monsters kill children, but they’re also only visible to children.  Or to members of the House of Slaughter for reasons that haven’t quite been explained yet.  Erica has been trying to take the monsters down, but there is more than expected as the original monster gave birth to some offspring.  The problem is Erica is trying to do things differently.  See, this trade gets into where monsters actually come from, and the usual tactic is to make sure there are no witnesses and maybe sacrifice a child or two.  Erica is trying to take out the monsters without more people dying.

That leads to the series’s main antagonists, and how they may not be the monsters.  No, it seems the House of Slaughter might care more for secrecy than anything else, preferring the world not know monsters exist, and they usually have the means to keep that stuff secret.  But if Erica is doing things differently, more people might know, and that might mean that even as Erica is trying to save lives, the rest of the House might have different opinions on the whole saving lives.  It’s a “good for the many” sort of thing where the House believes it is better to sacrifice a few lives to keep things quiet, and if that involves letting a few kids die, so be it.

There’s an ongoing plot here as the first storyarc comes to a close where it looks like Erica is expected to assume a place of authority within the House, something she is unwilling to do, especially as she wasn’t exactly born into the House so much as forcibly adopted.  There’s also some hints as to why Erica’s toy octopus can talk, and not in a friendly way.  Basically, I like where this is going, so hopefully I’ll get back to it sooner.

9 out of 10 snacking elders.