July 20, 2024

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Better Call Saul “JMM”

Season Five, Episode Seven

Mike is at peace now with where his life ended up, allowing him to be comfortable with his granddaughter and daughter-in-law again.  I’d say that’s a good thing, showing a Mike at peace with his past, but he’s also now the go-between for Gus and Nacho and doesn’t seem to care all that much.

OK, so, Kim and Jimmy’s getting married, last time, seemed like a really bad idea.  That was done at a time when Kim was angry at Jimmy for his pulling a con on her, even if he did it to give her what she had wanted before changing her mind.  This episode makes it clear that it was done because Kim believes a wife cannot be compelled to testify against her husband, so if Jimmy gets into trouble, she won’t be required to say so against him in court.

Look, I’ve heard that idea in many a mob movie, but there’s a part of me that suspects it may not actually be true.  If such is the case, then I would ask why a lawyer as good as Kim (or as crafty as Jimmy) would think that was a good idea.  Maybe it is.  Maybe it isn’t.  I’m not sure.  The point is, the two are marrying for legal reasons and not out of being in love.  They do love each other (the steamy-looking sex scene that starts later in the episode is proof enough of that), but this is the sort of thing where Huell is the only person they both know in attendance since they needed a witness.

Then again, I am not sure either of these two have any friends at this point.

Case in point:  why has Jimmy been so bad to Howard?  Simple:  as he finally tells Howard, he blames Howard for Chuck’s death.  Then again, I was never sure why Howard wanted to hire Jimmy for HHM, to say nothing of why Jimmy went with his own version of Walter White’s “I am the one who knocks!” speech.  I thought Walt was being a bit delusional when he made that speech everyone remembers, and I think Jimmy is a bit high on something right this second too.

The thing is Jimmy still has issues.

But here’s the ultimate point:  Jimmy has been sucked into cartel life whether he wants to or not.  He told Kim as much.  He was told to get Lalo off on a manslaughter charge on bail.  That should be impossible.  But then Gus has Mike give Jimmy the out.  Why would Gus want Lalo, one of his enemies, out of prison?  I don’t know.  All I know is I don’t think Jimmy really wanted to be dealing with that caliber of criminal, one that might get him killed.  Jimmy wanted to prove himself.  Being a major criminal was never his intent.

He just sort of ends up that way in the end.

And somehow, I suspect Kim’s idea to marry Jimmy will just suck her in as well.