April 12, 2024

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Titans “Caul’s Folly”

Season Four, Episode Seven

Man, I never thought I’d be so happy to get more episodes of Titans.  I never thought it was great television, but I never felt bored by it like I did with Paper Girls.

So, it all comes down to this:  Brother Blood and Mother Mayhem want to bring Trigon back to Earth, and the Titans managed to survive the magical attack because of something Gar did.  He’s still missing, but he did something.

What did he do?  Beats me.  To be fair, nobody seems to know, but it’s probably something to do with the Red or something along those lines.  Will I find out?  Eh, maybe.  I don’t know that I care that much as I am watching a DC-based superhero show where the key to saving the universe may be some clues Lex Luthor left behind, something that includes Dick and Kory taking a trip to an alien language translation expert who speaks Tamarean and Klingon.

Yes, Klingon is a fictional language, but don’t tell that woman that.

Also, no, I don’t know how some middle aged woman who looks like a shut-in has so much knowledge of Old Tamaran when Kory, who comes from there, doesn’t know anything about it.

Likewise, Connor is evil now.  I think.  He’d best not mistreat Krypto, probably my favorite character.  Especially since Krypto seems to have disappeared after an appearance on the team RV.

As it is, the team needs to find the Horn of Power, a rather generic-sounding artifact that will lead to Blood and Trigon’s victory, and the team can find it in the mysterious town of Caul’s Folly.  It’s not on any map.  Oh, and the RV disappears when they get there right off the road.  Tim and his love interest Bernard, following in a comically small smart car, can’t follow.  And yeah, Caul’s Folly is one of those mysterious towns that if you manage to get into, you can’t get out again.

Dang magic.

Oh, they also are on the lookout for the Son of Trigon because A) the idea that Trigon could have a daughter never occurred to these people and B) no one can really come into town unless they’re part of Trigon’s bloodline, and Dick is the only man in the RV.

I guess he’s got problems, what with Kory unconscious from a drugged coffee and Rachel off with some locals because, hey, it turns out the local cops are all enforcers for whatever is going on, and somehow, Nightwing can’t beat up what looks like three normies.

Also, this episodes ends with “To Be Continued” and I wondered why.  This is serialized television.  Every episode is “to be continued”.