September 29, 2023

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The X-Files “Pusher”

A man who can mentally prod people to do anything he wants challenges Mulder.

How’s this for a famous face in an X-Files episode:  Dave Grohl and his then-wife are in this one as uncredited extras.

That’s a nice bit of trivia.  They have no lines.

The Case:  Mind Control Killer!

The Rest:  So…what was the plan here?  Everyone seems to know this guy has the ability to convince people to do what he wants, and he mostly wants people to kill themselves as his job is a freelance hitman.  But since he makes most of these kills look like a suicide, the Pusher got bored.  His name is Robert Patrick Modell.  So, he ratted himself out to the authorities.

By the by, this is another Vince Gilligan script, and basically, by this point, even Scully doesn’t argue with Mulder because she can see what’s happening with her own two eyes, and quite frankly, the guy who can talk people into dying is the only thing that makes sense.

At least, I think it does.  Modell’s mind whammy powers aren’t quite explained.  Scully, because she’s a good agent, does look into the man’s background and discovers he’s a rather unimpressive fellow who kept trying to fake credentials to do things like join the FBI.  Mulder, meanwhile, actually gets the guy arrested and taken to trial, but the judge lets him go.  Mulder says it’s because Modell used his powers on the judge.  I’m more inclined to say it’s because he had zero evidence of anything he claimed, but what do I know?

As it is, I am a wee bit confused as to how Modell’s powers work.  I mean, if he could use his powers to convince people to kill themselves, couldn’t he have also, I dunno, used his powers to get one of those fancy jobs he wanted?  Or maybe get himself the woman of his dreams?  Or something?  Why resort to murder?

And how was he able to kill an overweight agent  by telling the guy over the phone that he was having a heart attack?  Is it his brain or his voice that does the job?

I mean, it looks like the brain.

Why did Mulder assume he was immune to Modell’s powers or something?

Why didn’t Modell use his powers on Skinner when Skinner caught the guy raiding the FBI personnel files instead of getting the young woman that worked there to pepper spray Skinner?

And when are they going to get to the fireworks factory?

I dunno.  Just seemed like everyone was being a bit stupid in this one except for Scully.  She more or less had most everything figured out and knew how to snap Mulder out of Modell’s control.  But I have been saying for a while now that Scully is awesome.

Up next, ancient curses in the museum.