July 22, 2024

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The X-Files “Apocrypha”

That darn black oil is still causing problems.

That black oil took over Krycek, and since people lose their memory when the oil leaves, that just means there’s a very confused American woman in a Hong Kong mens room that the episode more or less forgot about.

This one doesn’t remember her either.

The Case:  Still With The Black Oil!

The Rest:  So, if anyone was thinking the Cigarette-Smoking Man wasn’t going to be involved in all this…wait, what show have you been watching?  He’s been involved back when he was younger and played by a different actor.

As it is, the plot at this point basically goes in two directions.  Mulder comes back from Hong Kong with the possessed Krycek, but then two guys run them off the road and try to take Krycek away.  it doesn’t quite work, but Mulder lost the one guy he can beat in a fight.  That leads to his looking further into the tape or the plane or all kinds of things where he gets the Lone Gunmen to go on stakeout at an ice skating rink.

Granted, Mulder is the one who finds the Syndicate phone number, and then a meeting in New York with the Well-Manicured Man.

As for Scully, she’s dealing with Skinner’s shooting.  Turns out there’s just enough evidence on Skinner to tell Scully that the man who shot Skinner also shot her sister.  Mulder lets her know Skinner might still be in danger, and she gets to bring the killer in.

Because Scully is an agent who gets results, dammit!

As for Mulder, he does learn where there’s a UFO, and he and Scully head off to catch Krycek there.  Too bad the Syndicate’s goons, under the Smoking Man’s directions, arrest the agents and take them away, all while Mulder shouts that they won’t get away with all that while they are very much getting away with all that.

Anyway, the agents go home because I guess they don’t know enough to get them executed yet, and Krycek vomits up the oil in a dark room with the UFO in a shot that made me wonder how they did that since they had to use practical effects for everything.  Plus, Krycek is locked in there because every series has to have that one character everyone craps on all the time.

He’ll be back.  He’s like a bad penny.

Up next, a mind-control murderer!