June 20, 2024

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Sweet Home “Episode 3”

Season One, Episode Three

OK, please note:  I really like this show.  It’s goofy and weird, with a lot of people just turning into monsters.  It’s sometimes funny.  It’s sometimes horrifying.  And there’s no explanation for why some people turn into some really neat monsters.

But I am having a hard time keeping names straight.   And by that, I mean I recognize many of the characters but don’t quite know any of their names without looking them up.

So, regardless, this episode taught me a couple thing.

First, the  infection is not confined to the building, as proven by the fact that the South Korean president turns into a monster during a live press conference.

I did like how there was one guy watching the TV who’s first reaction was “I voted for that guy!”

Second, infection does not mean a person will become an evil monster.  It is entirely possible to be, from the looks of things, a “good” monster.  Somewhat suicidal Cha Hyun-soo started to mutate, and then, well, stopped, but not until after he tried to restrain a very large mass of muscle, one that would take a lot of abuse.  Among those attacks was one from Im Myung-sook.  Myung-sook lost her infant to a car accident and has been pushing an empty pram around ever since.  When Muscle Man steps on it, she starts to change, but it doesn’t seem to be permanent.  Just long enough to cut into the big guy.  Likewise, bass guitarist Yoon Ji-soo hit the thing in the groin with a baseball bat while her Christian love interest Jung Jae-heon slashes it with a sword before luring the big thing away and tricking it into jumping out of an upper story window.  I’m sure he’ll be back.

Regardless, both Hyan-soo and Myung-sook started to change but then changed back.

Third, the monsters hate each other too as the muscle thing attacked the nasty thing missing the top of its head and only really good at hearing things.  Then again, the monsters don’t look very friendly regardless.  Maybe the one advantage anyone has is these things don’t team up and hunt humans.  If Muscle Man and the spider thing in the basement were to join forces…well, I might be seeing a Korean horror version of Spider-Man and the Hulk doing a team-up.

Oh, and finally…this show has no compunction about killing children.  I know a lot of shows and movies are a little wary of doing that, but not Sweet Home.  Among the trapped residents is a mother.  She gets word her schoolgirl daughter is rushing across the seemingly empty parking lot to get inside.  A young man in a military uniform rushes out to help.

And then that vampire tongue fellow spears both of them through the chest.  This show not only killed a young girl, but it killed the girl in front of her horrified mother.  And another guy trying to help.  Scaring children is one thing.  Putting kids in danger is another.  Killing them shows just how much these characters can die at any time.