June 15, 2024

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Wednesday “Woe What A Night”

Season One, Episode Four

OK, I have seen the Wednesday dance scene.

It was fine.

OK, I get the appeal.  Wednesday goes to a school dance where everyone, except for her, is decked out in white.  She’s, of course, wearing black.  She didn’t want to go, but had two dates (one to cover for getting caught investigating the murders) and one arranged by Thing with the boy she may actually have some feelings for, namely Donovan Galpin, normal kid and son of the sheriff.  And, at some point, Wednesday decides to, I guess, have fun like a normal teenager.

Hence the dance.  And there’s Wednesday, flailing her arms around, moving in odd circles, and keeping her face the same emotionally neutral look it always has with the occasional bulge of her eyes.  It’s colorful, it’s weird, it’s Wednesday.

It’s probably the most original moment in the entire series in many ways.  Much of what has made Wednesday what it is is a lot of familiar sights and sounds for fans of the various incarnations of the Addams Family.  Wednesday is an odd girl from an odd family, and sure, she has psychic powers here, but she’s still basically the same character she’s been since at least Christina Ricci played her in the 90s.

That said, the character is usually younger, so showing her as a teenager, possibly an older one, makes for an interesting scenario where Wednesday might, I dunno, fall in love?  As unlikely as that seems, she would presumably grow up and maybe get married and have kids of her own some day.  Or she wouldn’t.  Either way works.  But Wednesday is generally associated with a family, so she can’t and shouldn’t be a loner.  I don’t expect her to put on pastels and be something of a cheerful soul or anything.

Well, she might if she grows up to be Misty on Yellowjackets as I have sometimes personally posited.

So yes, let Wednesday, between trips to the morgue where she can relax in a freezer drawer when she isn’t looking for clues or when she isn’t warning Eugene the beekeeper to stay away from a spooky cave (he won’t listen) or maybe starting to warm up to her opposite number Enid, just be kid once in a while.

Oh, and one other thing:  the local normal kids decide to prank the dance because of what Wednesday did to that Crankstone monument.  Can I just ask:  why do the normies keep messing with the kids with supernatural powers?  Sure, they’re weird, but they also have superpowers.  There are vampires, werewolves, sirens, and beekeepers in there.  Maybe leave ’em alone?

Eh, no one listens to me anyway.  Most likely because these are fictional characters.