May 22, 2024

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The X-Files “Grotesque”

Mulder goes really deep looking into a serial killer who claims a gargoyle made him do it.

Huh. There’s another That 70s Show cast member in this one, but it’s the much more entertaining Kurtwood Smith. That guy always plays a memorable hardass, to the point because of that sitcom, I expect him to call someone a “dumbass” every time I see him somewhere even if he’s just voicing a character on a cartoon.

Here, he’s involved in a case involving a killer gargoyle. Maybe.

The Case: Killer Gargoyle Spirits!

The Rest: OK, so this artist keeps drawing gargoyles. He’s also arrested for killing seven men. Special Agent Patterson (Smith) is a bit baffled as there isn’t quite enough evidence to convict or something, so in comes Scully and Mulder.

See, potential killer Mostow claims he didn’t do anything. He was possessed by a gargoyle.

Yeah, a gargoyle. Not a demon. A fancy waterspout.

Anyway, can Mulder find anything especially after another man is attacked while Mostow is in custody? He and Patterson used to work together, but they don’t get along due to Mulder’s, let’s say, eccentric beliefs. Scully is here to…you know, I am not sure why she’s here.

See, this episode involves Mulder being extra weird as he digs into the case. Is he the copycat killer? What about that squirrely-looking guy who works with Patterson? Could it be someone else? Is the gargoyle thing real?

Um, I don’t know.

The episode is structured around the idea that Mulder is becoming more like the killer to try and fake out the audience into thinking the character played by the actor whose name appears first in the opening credits is now a murderer. It has to be a guest star, and there aren’t that many. There are glimpses of a gargoyle, and Scully is mostly worrying Mulder went off the deep end. Or, since this is Mulder, the deeper end. Heck, even Skinner is worried, and he only appears in one scene.

But no, it was Patterson. I guess Kurtwood Smith looks kinda like a gargoyle. He got too deep searching for this killer. He’s arrested after a rooftop chase, but not before he killed his squirrely sidekick. But there may still have been a gargoyle spirit. Or not. It’s a maddeningly vague sort of episode.

Up next, that darn black oil makes its first appearance.