April 14, 2024

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Yellowjackets “Digestif”

Season Two, Episode Three

OK, I have no idea which plotline I am enjoying more:  the 90s flashbacks or the present day.

Let’s take a look at the past first:  Taissa doesn’t remember committing cannibalism because she was in her fugue state, Nat spots and fails to shoot a white moose (don’t tell Jimmy), Misty does a monologue about a mother mourning her dead daughter for Shauna’s babyshower, and Coach Ben is going insane.

That’s a lot of good and weird stuff, and that’s not even getting into the dead birds raining down from the sky.

You know, it just occurred to me Lottie said Travis’s kid brother is still alive.  Maybe he’s the one who brings back help.  That would be something else.

Still, while I suspect I would have been more invested in the survival story in the past timeline before, I think the crazy ways the survivors are behaving in the present is much more interesting.  Shauna is a badass, someone who swipes a carjacker’s weapon, but when Jeff weakly lets the guy get away despite the fact Shauna has his weapon, she’s the one who has to get the family minivan back, mostly because it had Callie’s childhood favorite toy in the back.

She does so by tracking down the chopshop and confronting the owner, talking about how hard it is to skin a human being.  Yeah, I would have given the car back too.

Jeff, meanwhile, is apparently questioning his masculinity.

Taissa is trying to confront her other self.  That’s something when her reflection is making different faces.

Nat is getting group therapy at Lottie’s, but Lottie is hallucinating again.  Nat probably isn’t taking it very well either.

Oh, and Misty has met “Citizen Detective” Warren, so that Christina Ricci and Elijah Wood team-up I always wanted but never realized it before is finally here.  Watching these two kinda weirdly flirt before they interrogate a suspect in Nat’s disappearance, with Warren posing as an FBI agent while Misty hides in the bathroom because she’s known the suspect since high school…well, it gets results because everyone involved is kinda silly and everyone is dumber than Misty.

How is this show not being watched by more people I know?  Between Shauna and Misty, this is just good television. Toss in the others, and it’s great television.