May 19, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “Homer’s Adventures Through The Windshield Glass”

In which this is the 750th episode. I'm surprised too.

In the history of The Simpsons, there have been four guest stars that had significant roles without becoming reoccurring characters.  That would be Michael Jackson, Mel Gibson, Elon Musk, and Lady Gaga.  Three of the guest stars listed above have since seen their luster fade a bit since their episodes aired, and I am dreading the day when I find out Lady Gaga is awful.

This episode adds Lizzo, herself a Simpsons Superfan who ad-libbed a line for the closing scene, but she spends most of the episode playing a character other than herself.  Oh, the “real” Lizzo appears in the closing scene, but that’s how the 750th episode plays out.

Yes, after the opening credits roll, putting a total of 750 characters into the opening by adding crowds to existing shots, the story opens with Homer angry at Marge.  Something happened at the bank, and as Homer drives home angry and texting, he hits a fire hydrant and goes flying out the front windshield because he used the seat belt to tie up a hammock, the airbag as a pillow for the hammock, and his windshield wasn’t quite so solid.  He’s probably going to die when he hits a tree, but Maggie left a Happy Little Elf doll in there, one Goobie Woo, who starts talking to Homer.  And yes, that’s Lizzo’s voice.

See, Goobie is a smart elf, and she gets Homer to relate why he was so angry.  It turns out he wanted to get a safety deposit box at the bank to preserve a potato chip shaped like John Travolta’s head, only Marge already had one she hadn’t told him about.  Yes, Marge had money Homer was unaware of.  Goobie somehow does know and guides Homer through some basic knowledge.  Apparently, Marge’s father had a will, and in it, he left behind a trust fund that gave Marge a thousand dollars a week, money Homer figures she uses to get a robot butler and Chippendale dancer repairmen.

Oh, and Bart and Lisa also know about this money.

I don’t know how Homer can see things he wasn’t present for, but he can if this is all happening in his head during the 23 or so seconds before he dies when he hits that tree.

Also, I had no idea flight attendants like Marge’s father could put out a trust fund like that.

Anyway, in another flashback, Homer learned Marge’s father, a man who Homer thought was nice to him since he constantly told Homer not to let anything hit him on the way out of a door, had worries Homer would ruin Marge’s life, so he left her emergency money that she was constantly using to bail Homer out of trouble without his knowledge.

Oh, but hey, good news for Homer:  he missed the tree!

Bad news:  he ruined his Travolta chip.

Worse news:  he actually died when he impaled himself on a fence post.

Even worse:  Homer went to Hell.  He was experiencing wrath when he texted Marge, and then he somehow committed the other six deadly sins before he died.  His punishment is to be boiled in molten blood for all eternity once he gets to the front of the line.  But this is Homer, and he complains so much that they gave him a buzzer, and that’s when he found Marge’s father playing board games with Stalin, Mussolini, and Genghis Khan.  Is he there for how he treated Homer?  Er, no.  Check fraud, but he has gained a new perspective in Hell and shows Homer what he went through by showing Homer’s potential future where Lisa brings home a loser she wants to marry and Homer doesn’t like it much either.

Realizing why Marge’s father did what he did gives Homer an epiphany, so he can go back to life.  Ralph Wiggum saw the whole thing, even the Hell part.

Ralph is scary.

But Homer has forgiven Marge as she pays for yet another expense on the way to the hospital.

So, I guess all is well even after 750 episodes.