May 22, 2024

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Paper Girls “It B Over”

Final Episode

Yeah, I am not gonna miss this one.

OK, to be fair, it wasn’t bad or anything.  It was just not all that gripping.  I watched this show, and I really didn’t much care for what happened.  That’s a real shame:  the source material is fantastic.

I don’t think it helped that the series waited until this unintended final episode to actually put some shades of gray into the time war.  Grand Father is not as kind as he makes himself out to be, and the Prioress was…misunderstood?  Really?  The show waits to the season finale to make her less than a straight-up, hardcore killing machine?  That she wants to end the Time War and doesn’t just want to kill the girls?

Then again, there’s a point here when one of the girls says the only reason they’ve survived this long is because they stuck together.  And I gotta say…since when?  They were always breaking off in ones and twos to do stuff, especially Mac.  KJ never revealed what she learned about herself even as Mac finally tells Erin and Tiff about the cancer.  And there’s a chance the Prioress will help them, but it all goes wrong, the girls are separated with Tiff and Erin in the 70s and KJ and Mac…well, somewhere else because the show never really says.

And I can’t say that I care.  I read the original comics.  They told the story much better.

So yeah, a show where I never really cared what happened to most of these characters.  Mac came closest, possibly because she was played by the strongest actor or just because she had the biggest personality.  But really, when it wasn’t too chaotic, and when it wasn’t breaking its own time travel rules (death seems to be never permanent since Larry died twice), it was kinda meandering.

I’m gonna give it a barely-passing 7 out of 10 pet dinosaurs.

I guess it’s back to Titans now for the final few episodes.

Man, I never thought I would look forward more to Titans, but here I am.