April 14, 2024

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Weekend Trek “Lessons”

Picard starts a relationship with a new member of the crew.

On TV, a character can fall in love with a guest star pretty darn fast.  Sometimes it’s even handled in a mature manner such as when Picard started a relationship with the head of stellar cartopgraphy.

Jimmy and Tom have some thoughts on that episode below.


Picard starts seeing another member of the Enterprise crew.

jimmy:  I think Beverly was happy that Lt, Mozart was a one and done.

tomk:  I think this is an episode that wouldn’t get made today because our societal understanding of an appropriate relationship has changed, and we would see the power imbalance involved.

jimmy:  And because we’d be bored.

tomk:  At least Picard and Mozart didn’t do anything to abuse the relationship.

jimmy:  No. They didn’t want that.

tomk:  It actually made for what felt like an odd episode. I don’t know that Star Trek ever really explored these ideas either before or since.

jimmy:  Surprising with Kirk banging everything under the sun. But those were different times.

tomk:  Yeah, and it’s different today too. Today we can say Picard absolutely should not date anyone in the crew because of the power imbalance. The show actually somewhat goes along with that problem too.

jimmy:  Troi was all for it.

tomk:  Yeah, but Troi was almost subjected to an arranged marriage and ends up marrying Riker, who also outranks her.

jimmy:  Maybe she’s not the best one to ask for advice.

tomk:  There’s always Guinan. But we haven’t seen her in a while.

jimmy:  Where is she?

tomk:  Tending bar?  She probably transferred to the night shift to work more with Captain Jake.

jimmy:  Speaking of…why does the Enterprise keep track of day and night?  And treat it like regular Earth time?  Like, Mozart was running her experiments and draining all the ship’s resources at 4 in the morning…since most everyone would be asleep.

tomk:  People still need regular sleeping patterns.

jimmy:  Agreed. But the ship should be manned and ready 24/7/365. It’s not like the solar fires are going to wait until 07:00 so the main crew is awake and had breakfast.

tomk:  I am sure there are people awake. Data can probably rouse folks in case of an emergency.

jimmy:  I agree.  But it seems like a huge and unnecessary risk to work on a skeleton crew from “midnight” to “6 AM”.

tomk:  You don’t trust Captain Jake to keep things under control?

jimmy:  But that’s exactly it. There should be an equivalent bridge crew that relives the main crew. Not just tell Data to wake them if anything comes up and head off to bed.

tomk:  Look, it’s not that big a deal.  Every species in the universe keeps the same schedule.  Even the Borg.

jimmy:  Convenient.

tomk:  Incredibly.

Oh, look, the make your own sundae bar is back.  That’s convenient too, and certainly not a distraction for Jimmy.

jimmy:  I’ll be right back!

tomk:  Oh, and Cousin Minka brought her portable keyboard.

jimmy:  Maybe it’s because of the world we live in now, but I was pretty underwhelmed by her rollaway keyboard. I feel like that was supposed to be impressive in the early 90’s.

tomk:  You probably were also unimpressed by Picard’s fluting.

jimmy:  I felt bad for Patrick Stewart having to spend so long pretending he was playing the flute.

tomk:  It’s probably not even a real flute.

jimmy:  I dunno. But he sure wasn’t playing it.

A lot easier to use camera tricks and edits for someone playing the piano.

tomk:  I suppose next you’ll tell me they were using camera tricks to hide Patrick Stewart’s hair.

jimmy:  No tricks there.

tomk:  Well, good. I hate being tricked.

jimmy:  The other trick in this one is that Lt. Chopin survived.

tomk:  That’s not a trick. That’s a safety feature.

jimmy:  But, I guess it was better than Picard having to live with her death.  They could just conveniently transfer her and never speak of it again.

tomk:  So, you’re saying there’s a chance she’ll be back?

jimmy:  She won’t be, but there would be a chance.  Maybe she was on one of the ships in the finale of Picard.

tomk:  You did once think Picard would never reference the Inner Light again.

jimmy:  Yeah, you know me, I was happy for the callback. And not just in passing either. A straight up recap of the episode.

tomk:  Later on, he told her all about Darmok and Jillard at Tenagra.

jimmy:  Now you’re just being silly. But he did bring that up in Picard.  And a guy in the background at Ten Forward had your shirt on.

tomk:  He did?  I thought I lost it!  I’m gonna get that guy!

jimmy:  You go, Tom!

tomk:  Star Trek is supposed to be about exploration and meeting people different from you, not swiping shirts.

I know just what to do when I find the guy, too.

jimmy:  Show him that video?  Yeah, that’ll learn him.

tomk:  At least it was a different video.

jimmy:  Was it?  I wasn’t checking.

tomk:  You were probably monitoring those solar flares or something.

jimmy:  I would much rather do that.

tomk:  OK, here are a pair of sunglasses.  Get crackin’.  Ryan expects a report by 0600.

jimmy:  If people are even up then.

tomk:  I generally am.

jimmy:  Well, given the time difference, my day is half over when Ryan reports for duty at 0600.

tomk:  Then this shouldn’t be too hard.

jimmy:  If I survive, do I have to put in for a transfer?

tomk:  Probably not.  We don’t have anywhere to transfer you to.

jimmy:  Watson keeps saying he’s going to transfer me to Albuquerque.

tomk:  Oh, where Heisenberg works.

jimmy:  Apparently he wants me to pick up a “package”.

tomk:  I would recommend not doing that.

jimmy:  I hear ya.  Also, don’t ask Riker for special treatment even when you’re not.

tomk:  Yeah…this episode sure was kinda weird. Just two people doing everything right but making people uncomfortable.

jimmy:  Except Troi. She was digging it.

tomk:  Troi is from Betazed.  Anything goes there.

jimmy;  They do have naked weddings.

tomk:  They also have Lwaxana Troi.  When a DS9 episode said the Dominion conquered the place, I felt bad for the Changelings that would need to deal with her.

jimmy:  Heh. For sure.

tomk:  But at the same time, it’s not that interesting to me.  Did either of us bother to learn the name of Commander Beethoven?  And don’t look it up.

jimmy:  …Daren?

tomk:  Well, there are worse guesses. You didn’t say “Mulva” this time. You also happen to be right, so have a plate of tacos.

jimmy:  Damn. I should have said “Mulva”, that would have been hilarious. But I’ll appreciate these tacos.

tomk:  Tacos do make things better.

jimmy:  Them or a variety of replicated teas.

tomk:  We don’t replicate around here. That policy will be reconsidered if Machete starts texting.

jimmy:  And that’s not happening.

One thing I did look up was their ages, as she looked older than women in these type of TV relationships tend to be. But she was actually like 12 years younger than Patrick Stewart.

tomk:  But was she older than most women in that sort of role?

jimmy:  Well, Stewart was 53 and she was 41.  (I’m a little surprised Stewart was that old.). For comparisons sake, Vash was 18 years younger than Picard.

tomk:  Yes, well, Vash is the kind of woman you date when you don’t know any better.  You don’t really have much in common, she’s got a lot of baggage, but she’s great in the sack so you don’t notice until it’s too late.  Daren is the sort you can settle down with, raise a family outside of a simulation from a long dead society, and won’t leave you for that flashy guy who always causes you nothing but headaches like Q.

jimmy:  I was more commenting on their ages, but yes!

tomk:  Well, you are smart, charming, and the kind of guy who would totally play music in the Jefferies Tube with the temporary lady of your dreams.

jimmy:  I would do that, wouldn’t I?

tomk:  Can you play an instrument?

jimmy:  I can!

tomk:  Which one?

jimmy:  Guitar.

tomk:  Well, there ya go.  Hey, maybe Cousin Minka or Malin Ackerman play the drums.

jimmy:  Only one way to find out!

tomk:  Just be careful how you ask.

jimmy:  It’s a risk I’m willing to take.

tomk:  Well, I do know of a good drummer that would probably play with you.

jimmy:  Awesome. And maybe Data can join the band as well.

tomk:  I know how that will go.

jimmy:  Lol, awesome.

tomk:  So, you’re putting a band together now?

jimmy:  Looks like we just need a drummer.


jimmy:  Time to plan rehearsals!

tomk:  Just make sure you get some stretching in beforehand.  You don’t want to pull your hamstring.

jimmy:  Or book a gig on that solar flare planet.

tomk:  You can rock out and protect everyone from the flares.

jimmy:  You might be on to something.

tomk:  The power of rock can stop anything.

jimmy:  It wouldn’t be the greatest episode in the world, but it would be a tribute.


See, that’s how you use the power of rock to stop a solar flare.

jimmy:  You are very learned, Tom.

tomk:  That’s why I deserve the big bucks.


tomk:  So, did Picard learn anything from this affair?

jimmy:  Don’t date anyone on the Enterprise?

tomk:  Judges?

They’re on a lunch break. I’d say you’re right.

jimmy:  And Beverly doesn’t count.

tomk:  Not like how you count Cousin Minka.

jimmy:  Something like that.

tomk:  Right. Have a cookie.


tomk:  Anything else to add about Picard, Jimmy, or should we jump to another Picard focused episode?

jimmy:  That guy again?

tomk:  I am sure there will be a Captain Jake episode eventually.

jimmy:  I hope so. Until then…

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