April 21, 2024

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Sweet Home “Episode 2”

Season One, Episode Two

Oh man, more monsters.

Some of them look human.

See, people panic.  And when they panic, they do stupid things.  A man with a scarred face who took out the glutton monster (maybe) got bitten in the process, so the other neighbors tied him up and waited for him to change.

That man was Pyeon Sang-wook, and he was torturing a guy in his room before all this went wrong, but he likewise rescued Lee Eun-yoo from the aforementioned glutton monster.  He also managed to get out of his bonds and headed off to the roof.  The people who tied him up?  Well, the owner of the grocery store beats his wife and seems like a greedy jackass, so I am guessing Sang-wook is the real hero here since he actually did some good.  Even the guy he was torturing may not have been a saint.

Stepping back, there’s guitarist Yoon Ji-soo, rescued by Korean teacher (and devout Christian) Jung Jae-heon because he has a sword.  Taking the top of that one monster’s head off should have been enough.  But…these things may not be able to die.  Apparently, missing the top of the head isn’t enough to kill something as its one remaining ear gets extra large and acts as a way to find prey since it’s missing the eyes and the other ear.

All that is to say this one might be freaky, but it might also be the main threat inside the building when the suicidal Cha Hyun-soo leaves his apartment to save some recently orphaned children whose father tried to rappel down the side of the building.  Hyun-soo stayed home playing video games when his parents and sister went on a trip only to be killed by a runaway truck…whose driver had that big time nosebleed when he lost control of his vehicle.


About all Hyun-soo has going for him is a taser, built by a neighbor out of a crutch and various other parts.  Han Du-sik apparently learned how to MacGyver weapons during his time in the military.  And…he’s probably my favorite character so far.  Granted, he also says the monsters can’t die, and he says that after decapitating the eyeball monster.

That’s a guy with a long neck that can crush prey like an anaconda and whose head is now two giant eyeballs.  And even with his neck severed, the body still gets up and wanders off.

See, maybe that glutton monster is still out there.

I think I love this show.