June 23, 2024

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Better Call Saul “Dedicado A Max”

Season Five, Episode Five

There are some very stubborn men out there, and two are causing problems for Mike on one end of the law and Kim on the other.

Jimmy McGill?  He’s happy to ply his trade.

Mike spends most of this episode in Mexico.  He woke up in a pueblo, and while he’s too injured to leave, there’s a doctor there taking care of him, and eventually he starts doing repair work for the woman who speaks no English and does all the cooking.  Mike is there because Gus wants him alive.  Why?  Revenge.  Does Mike want anything to do with Gus at the moment?  It doesn’t look like it, but it also looks like getting away from Gus is difficult if not impossible.  Heck, Mike might have otherwise taken a job from Jimmy digging up dirt on Kim’s client/boss at the bank, but he’s indisposed.

And I don’t think Mike likes Jimmy all that much.  I just know he likes Gus less from the looks of things.

But Kim, she got Jimmy to represent holdout Everett Acker.  About the only thing Jimmy does this episode for himself is dodge job offers from Howard, but for Kim, he basically makes himself a huge pain in the ass for Mesa Verde with a new scheme every day, ranging from low level radioactivity to archaeological digs to pictures of Jesus on the side wall.  Everyone knows Jimmy is making this stuff up, but the law says the bank can’t build its call center there as long as Jimmy makes trouble.

Oh, and Kim told her clients that she and Jimmy were living together, so there’s no trick there.  Maybe they are assured that Kim isn’t giving Jimmy information.  Maybe she even isn’t.  All Kim wants is for her client to just build somewhere else.  That way the bank gets its call center and Acker can keep his house.

But Kevin the banker is far too stubborn to do such things.

What does it say that Kim still wants to take this forward and Jimmy thinks it might be a bad idea?

That, to me, is an excellent question.  Jimmy does bad things, but he’s trying to be a good (if flashy) lawyer.  Why is Kim risking her job and her reputation to do this?

Why does Gus want Mike to work for him?

Why can’t these men in power just, you know, let other people have their way?

That question might be something even a show this good can’t quite answer.