May 26, 2024

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The X-Files “731”

Nothing good ever happens when Mulder gets on a train car. It doesn’t have to be moving. It just always leads to trouble

The Case: Alien On A Train?

The Rest: So, I am well-aware that the show is set up so Mulder is basically right, but the more I hear him rant during this rewatch, the less I am inclined to agree with him. Maybe that was always part of the design plan, but that doesn’t make it any less true. He really does jump to conclusions in these episodes while Scully wants actual evidence.

Oh, and Scully found some, even if it was given to her by the Syndicate member called the First Elder. Man, I would love to know how this show came up with some of these character names. No one actually addresses the guy by any name. First Elder of what? I don’t know. You don’t know. Nobody knows. I only know the First Elder part because that’s who Wikipedia tells me this guy is.

Anyway, the aliens who, apparently, are being killed off by the Syndicate after a Japanese scientist, a war criminal the Syndicate recruited after World War II, maybe tried to smuggle one to Japan. Mulder believes they are alien/human hybrids. Scully believes they are human victims of the Japanese guy’s experiments to create humans immune to radiation and biological weapons. Which are they?

I don’t know. But I know Mulder has far less evidence of anything one way or the other than Scully does. Sure, Scully’s evidence could be misleading, but at least she has some.

However, there’s a bomb on the train and an NSA agent who killed the Japanese man and tried to kill Mulder. And no, Mulder didn’t win a fight. When has he ever done that? The train’s conductor, a regular guy Mulder recruited and gave an unloaded gun to, intervened and locked both men in a train car with a connection to the alien. Or the deformed guy. One of them.

Oh, and of course Scully found the dead guy’s lab before Mulder did. She does actual investigative work.

Regardless, Mulder does go off-script when Scully gets the exit code for him and almost died had Mr. X not shown up to rescue the unconscious Mulder. Because he still can’t win a fight. The alien and the NSA agent both blow up. The journal Mulder retrieved from the dead man was replaced with a fake while the Smoking Man has the real one translated, and Mulder somehow recognized that he had the wrong journal despite saying earlier he couldn’t read or speak Japanese.

Yeah, I try not to think too much about that sort of thing.

Up next, role reversal.