July 22, 2024

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Going Through The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Part Eighteen

Jimmy and Tom discuss more Avengers cartoons with the episodes "Infiltration" and "Secret Invasion".

Hey kids!  Jimmy and Tom finished some more Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes chat.  That means more transcripts of talks they had full of inside jokes only they get and some insights on some cartoons.

See below for more.


The Avengers return?

jimmy:  For a long time I thought Carol was just playing along with the Skrullvengers, but I guess she’s just not that bright.

tomk:  But she shines very brightly when her powers are active.

jimmy:  True. But like when Wasp said “what are you wearing?” I was like “that just gave it away, Jan would have seen her in uniform before”.  Unless the thought is that the Jan that’s seen her of late is a Skrull.

tomk:  The Skrulls claimed they never returned from Asgard. They hadn’t seen Carol’s uniform yet.

jimmy:  Fair enough.  Those sneaky Skrulls!

tomk:  They gotta get up pretty early in the morning to fool you, Jimmy.

jimmy:  It’s because of the shadows.

tomk:  Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of Skrulls?  Their shadows know.

jimmy:  That’s all Doom’s device does. Look for shadows with pointy ears.

tomk:  Doom is no dummy.

jimmy:  But he still needed Stark.

tomk:  Doesn’t everybody?

jimmy:  I haven’t yet.

tomk:  Sure you have. He designed your smartphone.

jimmy:  I thought that was Steve Jobs?

tomk:  You at least knows it wasn’t Steve Rogers.

jimmy:  Speaking of, I figured that’s who was on the ship in the beginning.

tomk:  See?  They fooled you good.

jimmy:  They did. Lousy Skrulls!

tomk:  Maybe don’t be so hard on Carol next time.

jimmy:  Fine. But with her Kree powers you’d think she have some kinda Skrull-Sense.

tomk:  Like how you have a Watson sense thanks to your Moose Afinity?

jimmy:  Like that.  Yeah.

tomk:  That sounds like a terrible superpower.

jimmy:  It’s a blessing and a curse.

tomk:  How is it a blessing?

jimmy:  You know when he is coming so you can run away.

tomk:  Does that work out OK?

jimmy:  Sadly no. He’s like Michael Myers and ends up appearing right next to you anyway.

tomk:  Like he is right now?

jimmy:  Ah!  I hate when he does that.

tomk:  He just gave Jenny the key to the donut stash too. That Watson sense is useless.

jimmy:  I know. 🙁

Just like Carol’s Skrull-sense.

tomk:  She should have been smarter. Those Skrull Avengers’ first stop was Wakanda.

jimmy:  Good thing T’Challa was already there.

tomk:  Right. The Skrulls may copy Avengers, but they aren’t as good as the real thing.

jimmy:  Especially when their Mjolnir’s need to be recharged via USB.

tomk:  It worked better than the one you put together.

jimmy:  Very true.

tomk:  And your makeup gun was even worse.

jimmy:  You just have to make sure it’s not set to “whore”.

tomk:  I’ll bet if you blast a disguised Skrull with it, he can’t shapeshift the makeup off.

jimmy:  Only one way to find out.

tomk:  Ask an expert on shapeshifting?

jimmy:  Do we know any?

tomk:  Let me check my Rolodex.

Just the Garbage Day Guy, but he’s only available to ruin Star Trek chats.

jimmy:  Until one of the Skrulls morph into him.

tomk:  Who’d want to do that?

jimmy:  Not me.

tomk:  Good. There are some forms even the most diabolical Skrull won’t take.

jimmy:  The Skrulls did put in a lot of work for this ruse. Like the Iron Man suit, Thor hammer and costume, etc were not part of their shapeshifting.

tomk:  Well, it doesn’t work if you don’t put in the effort.  They probably pulled the details for that Asgard mission from Cap’s memories.

jimmy:  It didn’t work either way.

tomk:  That’s because the Avengers are better. Just like you in those Spider-Man trivia contests.

jimmy:  I’m ok. The Skrulls work harder.

tomk:  They always forget the hyphen.

jimmy:  That’s why they’re evil.

tomk:  Yeah, but Fury wasn’t sure about Spidey either.

jimmy:  I was trying to find a picture of his board with no success. Lots of Easter eggs on there.

tomk:  Well, I know you saw Spider-Man. And that one Canadian guy. Captain Maple Leaf.

jimmy:  He’s the best there is at making bologna.

tomk:  I hear the Skrulls also replaced the Polkaroo and the Man-Thing.

jimmy:  That’s called covering the bases.

tomk:  Really?  What kind of games were they playing that they had to cover those bases?

jimmy:  Skrull baseball?

tomk:  Judges?

jimmy:  Thanks, judges!

tomk:  Sometimes they like you.

jimmy:  I’m very likable. Unlike the Skrulls.

tomk:  People just wanna give you a big ol’ hug.

jimmy:  Didn’t you get mad at me for hugging random people?

tomk:  I just asked if you did. Also, if you hug a Skrull, check to see if you still have your wallet afterwards.

jimmy:  How will I know?

tomk:  Check the shadows?

jimmy:  Right. I won’t hug anyone with my back away from the sun.

tomk:  See?  You are smart. Have a cupcake.

jimmy:  Delicious. I don’t even care if it was made by a Skrull.

tomk:  It wasn’t.

jimmy:  Thank God!  Uh, I mean, it doesn’t matter.

tomk:  Maybe it’s time for someone to take care of those Skrulls.

jimmy:  The X-Men?

tomk:  I was thinking the Avengers.

jimmy:  Right!  Those guys!

tomk:  You wanted the Justice League to handle it?

jimmy:  That’s a different show.

tomk:  Too bad. They know all about green shapeshifters.

jimmy:  That’s true.

tomk:  But the Avengers are quick studies.

jimmy:  Let’s hope so, or there won’t be many more episodes.

tomk:  There might not be anyway.

jimmy:  The Skrulls win I guess.

tomk:  At last until the Kree come back.

jimmy:  Hopefully soon.

tomk:  I’d rather Steve come back first.

jimmy:  He must be close. How long does it take to fly from Saturn?

tomk:  Depends. Were they flying in the right direction?

jimmy:  Just point towards the sun I suppose.  Even Quartermain can figure that out.

tomk:  Well, you might have to navigate around the asteroid belt.

jimmy:  Space travel is hard.

tomk:  It’s not brain surgery. It’s rocket science.

jimmy:  Well, they got that AIM guy there to figure it out.

tomk:  Is he awake again?

jimmy:  At some point.

tomk:  Well, good. He can read the roadmap.

jimmy:  Shall we see how good a job he does?

tomk:  Yeah. Someone needs to beat them lousy Skrulls.

“Secret Invasion”

The Skrulls go public, and the Avengers rally.

jimmy:  When all else fails, make a call to the God of Thunder.

tomk:  Yeah, you mean Tony could have called for his help at any time?

jimmy:  Apparently.

tomk:  Man, it’s a good thing they didn’t need him before or something.

jimmy:  Maybe Tony’s phone was on the fritz until Maria Hill jumpstarted him.

tomk:  That’s a pretty flimsy excuse.

jimmy:  Hey, I’m not Iron Man.

tomk:  You aren’t Titanium Jimmy either?

jimmy:  Nope.  Only metal I have are fillings.

tomk:  Too bad. You’d do a lot better against invaders that way.

jimmy:  Yeah, I’m not much help as it is now.

tomk:  Here. Start with this frying pan. You can cook a good breakfast and bean a Skrull with it.

jimmy:  Done and done.

tomk:  Good. Now you can join the Avengers. Or at least Alpha Flight.

jimmy:  I was expecting Alpha Flight to show up on the SWORD ship, but that wasn’t a thing then.

tomk:  No, it wasn’t. But someone has to defend Canada.

jimmy:  And we established already that it wasn’t me.

tomk:  Too bad.  You could just summon the Moose, the Beaver’s whole family, and various Canadian folk singers to take care of those sorts of things.  I assume.

jimmy:  Now you tell me.

tomk:  You mean you didn’t know?

jimmy:  I told you I was no help.

tomk:  But everybody likes you.  That must be helpful for something.

jimmy:  Not like you’d think.

tomk:  There’s a reason the Skrulls didn’t invade Canada.

jimmy:  Too cold.

tomk:  That too.

jimmy:  We don’t have to worry about that now anyways thanks to the Avengers!

tomk:  We also don’t have to worry about workable GPS or international communications thanks to Thor.

jimmy:  They were overrated anyways.

tomk:  Don’t you routinely get lost on the way to the office?

jimmy:  Yes.  No one cares.

tomk:  The guy who supplies your donut stash does.

jimmy:  Michael.  He’s a great guy.

tomk:  Also, I care. And Jenny cares because she can’t raid an empty donut stash.

jimmy:  Well then.  We better get that GPS working again!

tomk:  Maybe ask that giant Skrull who could hide behind the Washington Monument.

jimmy:  The Washington Monument is pretty big.

tomk:  It’s also thin.

jimmy:  It’s 55 feet wide.

tomk:  And that Skrull that swung around it looked bigger than that.

jimmy:  Well, he is a Skrull.  He could change his body to fit behind the building prior to swinging.

tomk:  You are a smart one. Probably puts you near the top of a Skrull hit list.

jimmy:  But I’m safe here in Canada.

tomk:  True.  Have a snowcone.

jimmy:  Thanks!  Too bad the Avengers didn’t know about the cold thing. They had to, you know, fight the Skrulls.

tomk:  They could have called up all the cold guys they know, like the Blizzard, and Iceman, and, uh…that one hot chick at every singles bar that gives hard stares that make unwary men who approach her feel chills.

jimmy:  I’ve met her!

tomk:  Is that the Ms?

jimmy:  No. Pre-Ms.

tomk:  Ah, I see.

She probably stopped a lot of Skrulls.

jimmy:  Could be. I’ll check with her after work.

tomk:  The Ms?  Or the hot chick with the cold stare?

jimmy:  The Ms.

tomk:  The Ms stopped Skrulls with a cold stare?

jimmy:  I don’t know. That’s why I’ll have to check.

tomk:  Good thinking.  Best take a second snowcone.

jimmy:  Good. The first one is gone.

tomk:  Is the second one going to be gone soon too?

jimmy:  …maybe.

tomk:  I’ll hold onto this one until you go home for the day.

jimmy:  Won’t it melt?

tomk:  I put it in the freezer.

jimmy:  Who’s the smart one now?

tomk:  You are.  You remembered snowcones melt.

jimmy:  I have a lot of snow experience.

tomk:  That’s why no one who likes you calls you the Snowman.

jimmy:  And you, the Falcon?

tomk:  No. That’s Sam Wilson.

jimmy:  He’s more of a Red Hulk partner than Skrull combatant.

tomk:  I dunno. He spends a bit of time with a Winter Soldier.

jimmy:  Oh, nicely done.

tomk:  And winter is cold.

jimmy:  And coming.

tomk:  But I know someone else is coming, someone Cap might want to meet now that his reputation is in the toilet.

jimmy:  Someone with a bad reputation?

tomk:  Oh yeah.

jimmy:  Watson?

tomk:  No. Someone you like.

jimmy:  Anti-Watson?

tomk:  Well, there is a hyphen involved.

jimmy:  Bat-Man?

tomk:  Now you’re just being silly.

jimmy:  Is action his reward?

tomk:  Well, as far as wealth and friends go, he is ignored.

jimmy:  Is it the Scarlet-Spider?

tomk:  Um, sure.

jimmy:  Sweet!

tomk:  Or, you know, Spider-Man.

jimmy:  Sw-eet!

tomk:  Ready then?

jimmy:  For Spidey?  Always.

tomk:  OK then.

NEXT:  Tom and Jimmy will be back soon with their thoughts for the episodes “Along Came a Spider” and “Beyond…the Vision!”